Sitecore’s biggest digital marketing event of the year is back in person. The global Sitecore community will be gathering in Chicago from October 17-20, 2022, and the excitement is already sky high as we prepare to bring together thousands of marketers, developers, Sitecore customers, solution experts, and technology partners under one roof for the first time since 2019. Your chance to claim your spot on stage is available with the Call for Speakers and Sitecore Experience Awards submission portal now open.

Your brand experience success stories and insights are the backbone to our conference, so we’ve compiled seven tips to help you increase your chances for getting selected by the judges to present to attendees and/or winning a Sitecore Experience Award. We wish you luck!

All submissions must be completed by 4 pm PDT on Friday, May 20.
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7 tips for Symposium 2022 submissions

Tip 1: Choose an engaging topic

As you consider your presentation proposal or Sitecore Experience Awards nomination, make sure your story is relevant for this year’s audience. When you fill out your submission, you’ll be asked to select from the following choices:

Call for speakers tracks
  • Shaping Your Digital Strategy
  • Maximizing Your DX Solutions
  • Delivering Technical Excellence
  • Connecting Your Composable Future
Sitecore Experience Awards categories
  • Best Digital Experience Transformation
  • Most Intelligent Content Optimization
  • Best in Connecting the Experience
  • Seamless Commerce Operations and Experiences

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Tip 2: Prepare for the submission questions

Optimize the four weeks’ time to make your submission by downloading the submission questions and preparing your plan in advance. While the portal will save your work, there are benefits to having your plans ready. One key example, presentation proposals and awards nominations that include customer’s approvals for use are more likely to make it to the top of the judges’ consideration pile.

Preview this year’s Call for Speakers and Sitecore Experience Awards submission questions.

Tip 3: Create a title with punch

For those making a Call for Speakers submission, your title is your first impression. Our team of reviewers will be looking at your title from the attendees’ perspective and evaluating whether it’s a session they would want to see. Spend time creating a session title that is either enticing or clearly summarizes the topic of your talk. This year’s session titles will be limited to 100 characters includes spaces, so keep it short and interesting.

Tip 4: Focus on the impact

The submissions that stand out to our team of reviewers are those that include tangible insights. If you’re submitting an awards nomination, consider providing stats and a customer quote. If you’re sharing thought leadership in your presentation proposal, consider providing clear points of advice. If you’re leading a demo in your presentation, consider including data on the benefits of utilizing your insights.

Tip 5: Tell your unique story

What is special about your submission? The facts of your brand experience are important, but so is the narrative to the amazing work you are doing. Your story is often how your presentation or awards nomination creates a connection with the audience by being relatable, helpful, or inspirational. A simple way to do this is to identify a “before” state and an “after” state, and then explaining your journey between the two.

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Tip 6: Clearly define your learnings

You’ll have an opportunity to share your takeaways and/or your results toward the end of your submission. Often these are what your audience will be able to put into practice after the event or are what will be called out on stage and in your online case study during award announcements. Take this chance to complete your submission on a high note.

Tip 7: Make a combined submission

This year, we’re offering a combined submission option, meaning you only have to submit once and still be considered as both a Call for Speakers proposal and a Sitecore Experience Awards nomination. This option is designed for you to easily and more quickly enter a single submission for both considerations. As with the non-combined options, when you have more than one submission, complete the combined submission process for each one.

Bonus tip: Think quality over quantity

Completing more submissions doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of getting selected. The best approach is to fine-tune your top ideas to submit your best speaker proposals and awards nominations.

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Marissa Dresnek is Director of Global Strategic Events at Sitecore. Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.