Bill Gates first coined the phrase ‘content is king’ for an essay back in 1996. Nearly three decades later, it’s more relevant than ever.

If there’s one thing that all global marketers share, it’s the constant demand for more. More content. More channels. More formats. More quality. More flexibility. The list goes on.

Global brands are facing constant pressure to deliver standout content when and where their customers want it.

That’s easier said than done. Just getting everything coordinated and organized in one place is enough to undermine global content marketing strategies.

Marketers often struggle with siloed content creation, management, and storage across multiple global teams and agencies. They lack a single source of truth for digital assets leading to lost time and inefficient workflows. And fragmented content leads to brand inconsistencies across channels and markets and disjointed digital customer experiences.

Without strong foundations in place to control digital assets, global marketing teams simply cannot deliver on content.

Enter digital asset management: the unsung hero in the modern, global martech stack.

Digital asset management (DAM) is the process of organizing, storing, retrieving, and distributing digital assets, such as images, videos, audio files, and other multimedia content.

This allows organizations to efficiently manage their digital assets, control access to them, and ensure that they are being used in compliance with relevant regulations.

As global brands grow and diversify their marketing strategies, DAM software becomes a critical tool at the heart of any modern martech stack.

DAM in action

Let’s take the example of a global drinks brand launching a new product line, and the role a DAM tool plays in a global marketing campaign.

Below we look at the value created by a modern DAM tool for three key marketing leaders: the global marketer, the marketing technologist, and the CMO.

The DAM impact for the global marketer


DAM ensures content accuracy and compliance by providing a central repository for all marketing assets. With standardized brand guidelines and approved content, global marketers can maintain brand consistency across markets, ensuring a unified brand image and messaging worldwide.


DAM enables global teams and agencies to collaborate seamlessly in real-time, breaking down geographical and organizational barriers. This streamlined collaboration accelerates content creation and production processes, allowing teams to work together efficiently and meet tight deadlines.


DAM transforms and accelerates performance through automation of repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Additionally, by analyzing asset usage, engagement metrics, and conversion rates, global marketers can make data-driven decisions, optimize marketing strategies, and transform campaign performance.


Faster time-to-market
(Aberdeen Group)

The DAM impact for the marketing technologist


DAM streamlines processes for marketing technologists by optimizing asset storage, search, and distribution. With metadata tagging and version control, technologists can efficiently organize and manage assets, reducing storage costs and search time, and ensuring up-to-date content availability.


DAM's seamless integration with various marketing technology platforms enhances the overall tech stack agility. Marketing technologists can easily integrate DAM with CRM, CMS, PIM, and other marketing tools, ensuring smooth data exchange and enhancing workflow efficiency.


DAM improves content governance by centralizing asset access and permissions. This helps to make sure teams are using assets that are globally approved and meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, automated processes in DAM minimize manual errors, enhancing overall system reliability.


Reduction in content search time

The DAM impact for the CMO

Customer experience

DAM plays a pivotal role in elevating the customer experience through consistent and personalized content delivery. By ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints, CMOs can enhance brand equity and foster stronger connections with customers, leading to increased loyalty and advocacy.


DAM insights provide CMOs with valuable data on asset performance and campaign effectiveness. Armed with data-driven analytics, CMOs can allocate marketing resources more efficiently, optimize campaigns, and drive higher ROI on marketing investments.


DAM empowers CMOs to capitalize on omnichannel selling opportunities by delivering consistent and engaging content to any customer touchpoint. Across every channel, optimized content performance, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue all lead to one thing: growth.


Increase in revenue

To explore this all in more detail, and to learn more about the impact a DAM can have for your organization, watch our on-demand webinar.

Arushi Khosla is a Product Marketer at Sitecore. Connect with her on LinkedIn.