We’re pleased to announce the availability of the latest release of Sitecore Content Hub™. With every release, we introduce new features and capabilities and enhanced platform performance. Below, I offer a quick overview of the improvements in Sitecore Content Hub and what they mean for you and your teams.

Collaborate easier and faster

First, we’ve improved collaboration between content creators, editors, and approvers by introducing user mentioning (@user). With this, content authors, editors, and other reviewers can tag the relevant users in each comment left on content items.

Depending on your needs and configurations, tagging someone can also result in a notification email to the mentioned user. With a variety of templates, these emails can be easily configured to support various workflows and processes.

These new features improve coordination between team members by speeding up content production processes while providing a smoother experience for all.

Calendars: Improved visibility and ease of updates

The introduction of new calendar views and functionality provides better visibility into how different teams are working together. These views also make for quicker updates.

We’re particularly looking forward to three new functionalities. First, new Agenda and Timeline views provide different angles into how content items are mapped to the calendar, further increasing visibility. Second, a new inline preview capability offers quick access to content details without needing to leave the calendar. And, third, a new ability to drag & drop content into the calendar view makes for easy updates.

Add external media; protect your own

For content authors who want to include external media items that are not stored in the DAM, this new release allows them to embed external media links (such as Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Spotify) in rich text fields to enhance their content. And to protect your documents from inappropriate use, watermarks can now also be added to documents as with images and renditions in the DAM.

Enhanced UX

When it comes to user experience (UX), we’ve implemented a new interface framework, React, for smoother and faster navigation. We’re also excited about the new adaptations on Elastic Search in this release. They make search much faster.

The last UX improvement focuses on the development of custom components. By implementing a commonly used and well-known technology, it’s now easier than ever to develop whatever components your teams need.

Stability and performance; look and feel

Now running on the latest version of the .NET framework, Content Hub’s performance and stability has been greatly enhanced. The platform now scales up automatically, smoothly absorbing any increase in use without interruption. In addition, workloads can now be balanced between multiple clusters, allowing more users to run queries and fetch data at the same time.

Finally, Content Hub has been re-skinned with a more modern look and feel to match the new and vibrant Sitecore branding.

Seamlessly connect with favorite creative apps

Along with the new release of Content Hub, we’re also announcing availability of a new connector: The Sitecore Content Hub Digital Apps Connector.

This connector provides a seamless connection between Sitecore Content Hub and native creative apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Figma, and Sketch — empowering your marketing team to work smarter and deliver faster.

Search for assets from within your favorite application, then drag & drop images and metadata from DAM directly into your layout or document. And when you’ve created your masterpiece, upload new assets and documents from within your applications directly into the DAM.

We’re thrilled to release the latest version of Sitecore Content Hub and can’t wait to hear how these improvements speed and simplify your collaborative content planning, creation, and management. Learn more about Sitecore Content Hub.

Jose Santa Ana is Product Marketing Director at Sitecore. Find him on LinkedIn