Your social media feeds are likely full of predictions for 2023 – from AI, to content, to social platforms, to the economy. What doesn’t change as the calendar turns is your customers’ expectations for your brand to meet them in their moment, the way they want to be met.

Here are 5 ways you can do that in 2023.

Build boldly

Most of us have tried AI-generated content, chat, and images and dabbled in metaverse and metaverse-like experiences. All of these spark interesting conversations about what brands should be doing with them, and how to use them first.

In 2023, before taking the leap, explore how and if these technologies can help your brand meet your customers’ needs and expectations. Decide if this is the best investment, or whether your tech stack has a more critical gap to address first. Regardless, invest where it makes sense for your business, not just because it’s new and shiny.

If building bold digital experiences is a priority for you in 2023, see how composable solutions can help you fill gaps and deliver next-level experiences.

If you are curious about the Metaverse, you can read recent survey results from marketers and consumers in the US and UK.

Centralize truth

To no one’s surprise, this year content will still be king, and digital content and channels will continue to grow. And while brands have accepted this as a common truth, effectively managing that content continues to plague organizations of all sizes, whether it is file types, taxonomies, volume, translations, management processes, distribution, access, or more.

In 2023, help your business get ahead with a focus on your content management and content operations. Develop a single source of truth for storing, managing, publishing, and accessing all files so your organization can use common messaging, assets, and more to optimize internal resources and spending, drive consistency across the buying journey and support the brand.

If this aligns with your priorities, you can learn more about content operations and digital asset management.

Mute the noise

As consumers, we all experience the volume of content coming our way every day, along with the generic targeting that feels like it was trying to connect with us but missed the mark. According to a recent survey, 69% of consumers globally want brands to connect with them on a more personal level. But cutting through and muting the noise requires brands to understand who their customers are, their preferences, and their behaviors.

In 2023, stop generic targeting. That requires a single view of the customer across data sources and messaging that reflects the customer’s needs, as well as the values of the brand.

If muting the noise for your audience is important in 2023, you can learn more about how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) can help your brand connect more effectively with customers and how personalization can be done at scale to deliver more targeted messages, especially as all of us marketers get closer to living in a cookieless world.

Execute seamlessly

Execution will likely be an underrated focus for 2023, but also an area of overlooked opportunity to drive growth through better integrated customer experiences. Consumers expect this seamless execution, with 8 in 10 saying it is powerful when a brand remembers prior actions taken, and 84% say it's important for brands to deliver a relevant, helpful experience throughout their journey

In 2023, start with a unified view of the customer and understand, across the business, the journey you want them to take. How do your systems connect, what data are you collecting, are you effectively using the data you are collecting to help customers and personalize experiences? Figure out where your gaps are and make sure you have the right process and supporting technology to fill the gaps.

If you need help making the business case for digital transformation, here’s guidance to help get organizational buy-in.

If you need help with content operations, you can learn more here.

And if you need help learning how to close gaps with your content collaboration, we have some advice here.

Stand out

Sitecore customers, and brands in general all over the world, continue to invest in customer and digital experiences to stand out from the competition and move their businesses forward. But it is more than just creating best-in-class experiences. According to recent research, consumers place more emphasis on what brands stand for, not just on the products and services they deliver.

In 2023, stand out with the right content and experiences. Build a content and campaign strategy that is inclusive and leads with empathy. Make sure your brand’s values are expressed in customer communications to help drive connection and loyalty and make sure your tech stack can scale, allowing you to respond authentically across the buying journey.

If standing out through authentic content and connections is a priority in 2023, hear how L’Oreal is standing out with a global approach to content.

Start 2023 strong

Just like most years, the holiday break was a time to refresh the batteries and now that January is here, it’s time to get things rolling. Because before you know it, we’ll all be trying to close the quarter strong at the end of March wondering where the time went.

Give the 5 elements I’ve outlined a long look and see how you can apply them to your own business to get 2023 off to a fast start and set the stage for a successful year.

Let’s have a conversation about your brand’s New Year’s goals and see how Sitecore can help by contacting us.

Paige O’Neill is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sitecore. Connect with her on LinkedIn