Northern Europe is a region that already embraces transformation and is home to a number of innovative, forward-thinking brands. The appetite to improve customer experience is already there, and as consumers continue to become more discerning about what they expect from brands, now is the time to capitalize on it.

It’s an exciting time for me to join Sitecore. I’ve spent 27 years building a career in sales and there have been great highlights and learnings through my various progressions, from selling my first Toyota Corolla to winning software deals in new markets – as well as understanding the grit and determination that it takes to run your own business.

At Sitecore, I’ll be using this experience to build our presence in Northern Europe and equip more organizations with the technology to exceed their customers’ expectations. With the $1.2 billion investment earlier this year, and through the acquisitions of Boxever and Moosend, Sitecore now brings a full content to commerce offering to the Northern Europe market and empowers brands to create memorable experiences for their customers.

The challenge facing brands

From what I see, organizations are already well aware of the need to deliver the most relevant and personalized experiences to customers – and the risk of losing them if they don’t. The challenge is often around companies getting their data in order and dealing with the fragmentation issue, where the majority of data resides in silos. Of course, this makes it incredibly difficult to get a complete view of an individual across channels and devices. This makes it tricky to serve up the best and most relevant experience at a given moment.

The volume of data that brands collect will continue to grow, but they can’t be agile unless they have technology that helps make sense of it, to then capitalize on the opportunities. Developing a solid understanding of customer data is the first step to being able to enhance customer experience. Once that foundation is in place, being able to automate content development, use AI to tailor and personalize experiences for each customer, and offer consumers something truly valuable – this is where Sitecore can really help to elevate brands.

Strategy for success

My mission is to bring Sitecore’s technology to the brands in the region that want to level up their customer experience offering and stand out from the crowd. Increasing awareness of what Sitecore can now provide – a full content to commerce solution – and supporting our existing customers to keep enhancing CX will both be key.

I’m joining a talented and successful team that has strong relationships in Northern Europe. Sitecore has an amazing network of partners, and we’re focused more than ever before on strengthening that network and co-creating value propositions with them. While brands are getting to grips with using data and marketing technology, our partners are able to work closely and support them – something I want to maximize.

The future of CX

To me, the future of customer experience is simply that brands will have to keep innovating, or they’ll risk being left behind. Adopting the right kind of technology and processes to keeping winning customers, while being able to automate and scale the processes that work, will be critical. We have a bold vision to disrupt the market with innovative solutions that turn consumers into fans, and I’m excited to help bring this to fruition in Northern Europe.