Broadly speaking, a consumer today values a positive experience as much (if not more than) the cost of the products they are purchasing. Within this reality, we at Sitecore believe this presents an opportunity for brands to boldly make new decisions and for transformation trailblazers to drive once-in-a-generation leaps forward in terms of human connection, customer acquisition, and brand loyalty.

Previously, we have announced some key acquisitions in the form of Boxever, Four51, and Moosend, and now I want to bring it all together in one place and answer: Why all these acquisitions?

The answer is simply that these companies represent technology and expertise that will help Sitecore accelerate the building of the industry’s first fully integrated, end-to-end SaaS-based digital experience platform (DXP) – to facilitate both the modern art and science of earning customer relationships through experience to make consenting to data-sharing an afterthought.

The recent additions, coupled with our internally driven innovation, are uniquely suited to help Sitecore in that goal. So, let’s dive into the acquisitions and where they fit into our portfolio.

Modern digital experiences represent a much broader definition, and in many cases, do not even involve a traditional “.com” website. While there are many ways to create digital experiences, at the core is still the right customer data. Therefore, we identified the need to have a solution that is architected for first-party customer acquisition and engagement, making it seamless for brands to identify people in a cookie-less world. This led us to Boxever, or what we now call Sitecore Customer Data Platform (CDP). We’re particularly excited about our CDP because it has many different delivery models including just being used as a Personalization Engine. While Sitecore Experience Platform™ is still a category leader for web personalization, we believe brands that want to execute an omnichannel personalization strategy will benefit from Sitecore Customer Data Platform.

Next, I want to talk about Moosend, which is grouped under Sitecore Marketing Automation. Digital messaging is not a new market category, but having a solution tightly integrated to your digital experience touchpoints that is cloud-native and API-first will help teams move faster to capitalize on that data and engage in thoughtful and sophisticated ways. Moosend’s state-of-the-art marketing automation and AI-powered customer engagement features will streamline Sitecore’s ability to engage, nurture, and convert customer relationships to deliver personalized experiences across every channel. This is a great solution for those who want to easily connect different digital experiences and start to orchestrate customer journeys.

Finally, digital commerce has long been the last mile in digital experiences; it represents the most optimal outcome of an experience, a sale! And now with the addition of Four51, which falls under the Sitecore Commerce umbrella as Sitecore® OrderCloud®, we can offer brands more choice. We’re particularly excited because Four51 is an API-first, headless e-commerce solution, meaning enterprises can design the most tailored, engaging shopping experiences helping improve customer satisfaction (whether in a B2B model or consumer), loyalty, and advocacy. The platform complements Sitecore’s existing B2C commerce capabilities and will enable Sitecore to define the digital experience market moving forward.

These acquisitions, coupled with our recent product announcements, underscore our commitment to invest in a product roadmap that delivers faster innovation. For customers, this means expanded offerings, less upfront investment, automatic upgrades, and dramatically quicker time to value.

To wrap, I want to revisit some sage guidance from our CEO, Steve Tzikakis:

While this is an exciting development for Sitecore and its customers, it’s worth acknowledging that broader trends around privacy – from new regulations globally to Apple’s tightened app settings and internet browsers eliminating third-party cookies – seem to disfavor data-driven personalization. It’s a paradox of modern times: consumers expect brands to cater to them as unique individuals, providing a consistent experience everywhere and rewarding loyalty in deeper ways; at the same time, they want privacy first – more control over data, less confusion on how it’s used, and an end to creepy targeting and algorithmically garbled messaging that only a bot would love.

There are so many considerations in architecting and configuring a DXP that is aligned to your business’ unique needs. With this in mind, Sitecore’s DXP represents the latest in enterprise software architecture to focus on configuration, not customization and driving the fastest and most sustainable value for your brand.

David Schweer is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Sitecore. Connect with him on LinkedIn