Earlier today, Sitecore announced the signing of definitive agreements to acquire Boxever Ltd. and Four51, Inc. Given transparency is at the center of Sitecore’s commitment to customers – a value that we share with both Boxever and Four51 – I wanted to provide greater detail on the strategic thinking behind the deals as well as the broader $1.2 billion growth plan underlying them.

With Boxever and Four51, marketers gain a holistic view of every customer to create consistent, continuous, personalized experiences across every touchpoint – including the full buying cycle from order fulfillment to service beyond the sale. Technical organizations get an open stack built for modern architectures, with applications that are more intelligent, agile and always up-to-date. And importantly, business leaders can turn customer experience into a competitive advantage and place it at the center of their business transformation strategy.

Over the course of the past few months, it has been a personal privilege to get to know the founding teams and leaders at Boxever and Four51. Both companies impressed us with their technology, people and track records of innovation. Boxever boasts a customer data platform and personalization solution that boosts net promoter scores for clients like AIB and Ryanair by over 50% on average. Four51, a B2B commerce innovator and member of the MACH Alliance, offers a highly-flexible, headless commerce engine that powers ecommerce for companies like Aveda and Winmark.

While today marks an exciting milestone, it is worth acknowledging that enterprise CMOs and CDOs often read about consolidation in the marketing technology space with a healthy degree of skepticism. Many have been promised integrations and are left waiting or disappointed, forced to continue trying to glean actionable insights from a sea of disparately-connected platforms. Some analysts even predict that a majority of marketers who invested in personalization will abandon their efforts.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Sitecore is paving a better path forward for brands that don’t want to give up on offering powerful, individualized experiences. It starts by building a modern architecture that is flexible, faster to implement and easy to integrate by virtue of our SaaS-based, API-first Digital Experience Platform. Our end-to-end modern SaaS content-to-commerce suite will enable customers to offer individually personalized experiences in real-time and at scale.

Sitecore's world-class content capabilities enable marketers to develop content to fuel individualized personalized experiences effectively, while our commerce capabilities empower them to provide superior shopping experiences and maximize conversion. All of this will work in a fully integrated and seamless fashion across the modern enterprise. Ultimately, this helps brands build competitive advantage in the digital world, the importance of which has never been clearer than over the past year.

To be sure, it’s a difficult time for experience-minded brands. Procurement pressure, precarious brand loyalty, newly-reset consumer expectations, upended business models and an explosion in screens and media have all been amplified in the wake of COVID-19. The result is a perfect storm for enterprises trying to deliver great customer experiences in a distracted and stressed-out world.

Once the deals close, Boxever’s customer data platform and Four51’s headless commerce solution will be quickly and seamlessly integrated into Sitecore’s digital experience platform to create the offering of choice for enterprise executives to deliver exceptional experiences across every touchpoint. Clients using the combined solution can expect expanded offerings, less upfront investment, automatic upgrades and dramatically shorter time to value – with industry-leading content and data management, omnichannel delivery, headless commerce, testing, journey optimization and much more, built-in.

It is worth repeating that these moves are designed to be additive to customers and partners. Sitecore’s accelerated product roadmap, which includes significant investments in core products, remains unchanged. As more of Sitecore’s offerings become SaaS-based – in addition to Sitecore Content Hub, Sitecore Experience Edge and Sitecore AI – the company plans to work closely with customers and partners to build plans unique to each organization’s needs to reap the benefits of SaaS or existing technology or both.

Welcome, Boxever and Four51! Buckle up, because we are just getting started.

Steve Tzikakis is the Chief Executive Officer of Sitecore. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.