Sitecore XP 10.4, with hundreds of customer requested enhancements, is now available. With simplified personalization and easy access to composable add-ons it’s our most advanced Platform DXP package ever. You may have heard that we celebrated our 23rd birthday as a company last week; what better way to celebrate than to announce the general availability of Sitecore XP 10.4. We have rolled up 23 years of content management knowledge and expertise into this release. 

As our CEO Dave O’Flanagan outlined in late 2023, we are committed to supporting our platform DXP for “the long haul.” This release is a testament to that commitment and support for our current XP customers who are seeing value from their investment and want to remain on our Platform DXP.

Sitecore has been at the forefront of the composable DXP revolution and we are committed to offering our customers choice in how they create brilliant digital experiences for their customers, whether that is with our on-premise solution, a fully SaaS CMS, or a hybrid of both. 

"XM/XP delivers the necessary foundation for your digital strategy into the future."                                                                 
Dave O’Flanagan,
Sitecore CEO
Sitecore XP 10.4 now includes the capability to more easily integrate your martech stack, allowing our customers to connect with other SaaS products from Sitecore or other vendors in their broader ecosystem. We have refined the content editor experience, enhanced personalization capabilities for marketers, and added over 200 customer requested updates. 

Our 10.4 release introduces powerful features designed to cater to the needs of developers and marketers, enabling them to deliver the standout experiences that power a modern digital journey. 


A breakdown of what’s new

Let’s dive into the exciting enhancements that are set to enhance your digital experience platform.

For marketers and business users:

  • You can now enhance personalization by targeting specific audiences more effectively with custom languages, perfect for global companies targeting diverse geographies.
  • There’s more intuitive customization of visitor data tracking and targeting. This enables marketers to create personalized experiences for their customers based on behavior, preferences, and demographics without the need for developer involvement. 
  • We’ve refurbished the content editor experience with new visual focus indicators, aligning with the W3C ARIA Authoring Practices Guide, making this our most accessible version yet. 
  • A new security role has been introduced, granting users read access to items in the Content Editor and Media Library. This improves visibility for marketers while maintaining overall content and media security. 
  • Enhanced security with system administrators having the power to enable or disable SVG files containing JavaScript from being uploaded to the Media Library by default.
  • The Publish Manager now supports the publishing of multiple items, speeding up page deployment times and time to value. 

For developers and IT professionals:

  • Composable martech orchestration with Sitecore Connect allows customers the flexibility to connect their XP instance with over 1,000 martech solutions. 
  • Connect Sitecore XP contact data to Sitecore CDP systems using ready-to-go connectors, allowing you to enrich the migration with other data sources.
  • Gain deeper insights for informed decision-making by exporting and combining faceted contact data in Power BI. This allows you to combine Sitecore xDB data with other data sets for greater insights. You can also retain long-tail analytics in your BI infrastructure, reducing hosting complexity in your XP environment. 

Our XP commitment to you

Our focus on our Platform DXP customers has never wavered. That’s why we continue to invest in new features and capabilities for our thousands of XP customers.

As stated earlier, we are committed to the ongoing investment and support of XP and XM, as our CEO has reiterated over the past several months. For peace of mind, mainstream support will be available until the end of 2027. Extended support will be available until the end of 2030, and as many of our customers know, we also provide support beyond this, covering a 10.4 deployment for the next decade. 

At Sitecore, we're dedicated to delivering clarity, predictability, and security, whether you choose our composable DXP or our platform DXP. Rest assured, as your long-term partner, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way, wherever you host. Our all-in-one platform products – XM and XP – are hosted on private cloud. You can host in your cloud, or we can host for you in our Managed Cloud offering.

We are already working on the next Sitecore XP 10.5 release slated for early 2025.

We’ll also be hosting webinars later in May, allowing our customers and partners to really dig into the details of the Sitecore XP 10.4 release. Registration for those webinars will open very soon.

Sean Broderick is the Director of Product Marketing & GTM at Sitecore. Find Sean on LinkedIn