Every company we serve is being rapidly reshaped by the forces of digital experience. But the ways in which this transformation manifests in our customers’ lives are highly dependent on a wide variety of industry circumstances. After all, a bank has a completely different set of considerations than a car company. Therefore, understanding the industry-specific challenges (and opportunities) that our customers face is central to the value that Sitecore delivers.

When our solutions incorporate industry best practices and regulatory compliance, our customers can focus on the important things, such as growing their businesses and providing memorable experiences. Put simply, the more of this heavy lifting that Sitecore does, the less our customers need to worry about technology nuisances and compliance headaches. This is why we are deepening our commitment to priority industries and verticals.

TISAX certification: The latest example of our commitment to the automotive industry

Let’s consider the case of the automotive sector and how Sitecore is delivering such industry-specific value. 

Mobility companies – from suppliers to OEMs – are undergoing deep transformations where nearly every business process is being challenged and reimagined. Equally essential, as the level of connectivity and collaboration between supplier, partner and OEM grows, is that solutions for the automotive industry prioritize information security.

With evolving privacy and cybersecurity laws across the globe, organizations want to ensure that their third-party suppliers are complying with those laws and handling data appropriately. It is becoming increasingly challenging to do that since the advent of cloud and SaaS technology, as well as increasing cyber risks, means that customers usually want to see evidence of how companies can conform to industry standards.

In Germany, TISAX certification is the gold standard for ensuring that data is securely processed and exchanged between various parties within the automotive industry. Administered by the ENX Association for the German automotive industry association (VDA), this certification ensures that everyone involved in the country’s automotive value chain adheres to a common set of information security best practices and a unified framework. 

The consequences of non-compliance can be severe. For example, automotive suppliers find it difficult to do business with OEMs in Germany without an appropriate level of TISAX certification.

TISAX for Content Hub and Managed Cloud

Since more and more automotive companies are finding our Content Hub and Managed Cloud solutions to be incredibly valuable, we wanted to ensure that our information security processes were externally validated by an independently accredited evaluator. By doing so, our automotive customers can confidently engage in business with others in the value chain.

It was a rigorous process that involved a thorough assessment of Sitecore’s solutions. While this typically takes a year to complete, the challenges of COVID-19 added more complexity to the process. But the effort paid off. Sitecore Content Hub and Sitecore Managed Cloud achieved AL2 certification. Specifically, the AL2 rating demonstrates that we have been externally audited against a standard of protecting data with a “high need for protection,” such as confidential information.

“Sitecore is deeply committed to building a robust program that meets the needs of privacy, security and data protection compliance obligations as well as designing a framework to be a trusted partner to our customers,” said Rachael Ormiston, Senior Director of Privacy and Security Counsel, who led Sitecore’s efforts to obtain the certification. “Achieving this certification helps us demonstrate that to our customers.”

What This Means for Our Automotive Customers

Automotive companies – such as suppliers – can now confidently focus on forming the next-generation partnerships that will redefine the sector knowing that Sitecore solutions adhere to industry best practices and are good stewards of customer data.
Our assessment results are available on the ENX website. Simply use your TISAX credentials and search for Sitecore.

Just the Beginning of our Commitment to Industries

As technologies transform, regulatory guidance and industry best practices will evolve. Sitecore is committed to ensuring that our industry-leading solutions will remain compliant and give our customers a competitive advantage in their respective industries.  You can learn more about our commitment data and information security at our Trust Center.

To see how we can help your automotive company become an experience-centric organization, visit our Website for Automotive or request a demo!

Aswin Mannepalli is Global Director of Industry Strategy and Marketing for the automotive and manufacturing industries at Sitecore. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.