At Sitecore, we understand the importance of protecting data. We know that it is the foundation of building trust with our customers, partners, and the overall global community. And, at the very heart of that, is transparency about what data we get, how we get it, and what we do with it. We have therefore taken steps to build a Trust Center that we hope makes it easy to do that.

Is the Trust Center new?

No, the Sitecore Trust Center was created in 2017, built in support of our GDPR compliance efforts. However, we have continued to modify those pages over time, and they have evolved to meet the needs and expectations of the Sitecore community.

What is in the new Trust Center?

Much of the content is the same as before – we have privacy policies, links to our security certifications, FAQs, and resources. But the biggest change is improving the experience. As an organization that wants to enhance the customer experience and personalize digital content, we know that getting the right content is only half of the equation. Being able to make the online experience easy to follow is also a huge part of the experience. Therefore, we have:

  • Improved the site layout, redesigned pages, and introduced navigation menus, so you can find what you are looking for quickly.
  • Created Privacy, Security and Legal sections, and categorized content under these new headings.
  • Made compliance certificates downloadable, including updated ISO certifications for our products.
  • Added additional content, such as privacy brochures, that used to only be available upon request.
  • Moved content, such as our online DPA, to our partner site on the Legal Hub, so it’s now in a place you’d expect to find it.

Are more changes coming?

Yes, we will continue to add new content and improve the design of our pages. As the privacy and cybersecurity landscape evolves, we know that our community will have changing needs. Our goal for this Trust Center to support our customers, prospects, and communities to ensure you have the information you need to work with Sitecore and that we are viewed as a trusted partner to your business.

If you have any questions or feedback on the Sitecore Trust Center, please share them with us via your Sitecore representative.

Cinthia Cruz, CIPP/E, CIPM, is a member of the Sitecore Privacy and Cyber Compliance team.