This blog takes a deep dive into the recently launched Generative AI features in Sitecore’s email marketing solution, Sitecore Send and recaps its existing AI features to showcase the end-to-end capabilities of our powerful email marketing platform. 

AI/GenAI and email marketing

Email marketing, when done right, is an excellent marketing channel for any organization. According to a recent marketing trends survey, 51% of marketers say email marketing is the most effective marketing channel. The increase in AI and GenAI features in email marketing tools will only strengthen the usage and adoption of emails as one of the key marketing channels for organizations.
AI and GenAI enable marketers to take their email marketing efforts to the next level by offering assistance in content personalization, text generation, subject line optimization, customer behavior analysis, and more. Within the last year, with the increased availability of AI/GenAI solutions, marketers have increasingly adopted AI/GenAI solutions for their email campaigns. 
In fact, a recent Ascend2 survey revealed that 57% of marketers use AI for their email campaigns — more than double the number from their 2022 survey. These figures not only emphasize the growing availability of AI/GenAI features in email marketing tools, but also the readiness of marketers to use them in their email campaigns.
Meanwhile, another recent study revealed that 51 percent of email marketers believe that AI-supported email marketing was more effective than traditional email marketing approaches.

AI Writer: Where creativity meets efficiency

At the heart of Sitecore Send's Generative AI capabilities is AI Writer—a beacon of creativity and efficiency for marketers. Say goodbye to the challenges of content creation; AI Writer is here to revolutionize your approach.

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What sets AI Writer apart?

Text generation with purpose: AI Writer lets you generate entire texts for subject lines, preview text, and email bodies based on keywords. Whether you're starting from scratch or refining existing content, AI Writer ensures your message is purpose-driven and impactful. 
Versatility unleashed: Beyond keyword-based generation, AI Writer offers a suite of editing options. Improve writing style, fix spelling and grammar, adjust text length, and even summarize content—all within a few clicks. 
Tailored tone: Customize your message's tone effortlessly. With options like Default, Professional, Enthusiastic, Informative, and Approachable, AI Writer ensures your content aligns perfectly with your brand voice. 
Expressive emojis: Emojis add a touch of personality. AI Writer seamlessly incorporates emojis, enhancing the visual appeal of your messages and making them more relatable.


AI Subject Line Generator: Crafting first impressions that last

AI Subject Line Generator understands the pivotal role subject lines play in capturing attention and creating an impression that resonates with your audience. 


How AI Subject Line Generator aligns with your campaign goals

Purpose-driven subject lines: Tailor subject lines based on the intent of your email—be it an announcement, a product promotion, or a newsletter. AI Subject Line Generator crafts subject lines that align seamlessly with your campaign goals. 
Emotional tone and emoji integration: Enhance emotional appeal by selecting a tone that suits your message. The option to include emojis adds a visually engaging element, making your emails captivating from the first glance. 
Iterative refinement: Crafting the perfect subject line is an art. AI Subject Line Generator allows for iterative refinement. Generate, refine, repeat until you have the subject line that perfectly encapsulates your campaign's essence. 
Elevate your email marketing strategy 
Incorporate these AI-powered features into your email marketing arsenal and experience game-changing transformation. Sitecore Send isn't just an email platform; it's your partner in creating impactful, personalized, and engaging campaigns.


How do I convince my team to embrace AI in email marketing?

Sitecore Send AI/Gen AI features extend further than producing and optimizing subject lines and email content through Generative AI. The powerful generative AI text generation/optimizing features introduced by Sitecore Send go hand in hand with already existing AI-powered email marketing features in Send which track users to create automated segments and campaigns.

Sitecore Send AI/GenAI features enable:

  • Content creation and optimization 
  • Segment creation
  • Segment automation 
  • Campaign automation

Through Audience Discovery, an AI/ML powered feature, Sitecore Send creates automated segments which you can target based on the intent of the segments. Plus, you can also go one step further to create automated campaigns for these segments.

Segment creation powered by Audience Discovery

The Audience Discovery algorithm tracks certain actions of users on the website which includes product views, products added to cart, and purchases. 
The algorithm detects information such as purchase probability, interest for a category, and uses data from the last three months. The algorithm runs daily to process new data collected from your website.
The results of the analysis are stored as colored email tags as shown in the image below. The tags vary from interest in a category, purchase intent, and funnel stage of the customer. 

The tags offered by Audience Discovery in Sitecore Send:

  • Current stage of the customer in the buying process 
  • Interest in a particular product category (jacket, shoes etc., in the example above)
  • The likeliness of purchase/purchase intent

You can easily filter the email list based on the colored tags generated by Audience Discovery. The tags are colored to allow you to easily differentiate between them. 
The next step is to then create segmentation rules/criteria, the AI generated Audience Discovery tags can be converted into segmentation criteria enabling you to create advanced segments by combining different tags in real time without any complications. For example, you can instantly create a segment for potential customers who have an interest in jackets and have a high purchase intent. 
This allows you to trigger targeted email campaigns and marketing automation as a next step.

Automated AI-powered campaigns in Audience Discovery

Automated campaigns are an extension of the automated segments. By enabling automated campaigns you can deliver rich and personalized emails to the pre-built segments. Sitecore Send takes care of the end-to-end details of the campaign setup right from campaign name, subject line, and preview text. The campaign design will have three products that the segment is most interested in along with product images and links. 

The automated campaign titles are listed below:

  • Audience Discovery Campaign: Most profitable audience
  • Audience Discovery Campaign: Audience most likely to purchase
  • Audience Discovery Campaign: Most viewed product category

Interested in learning more about Sitecore Send?

Sitecore Send empowers email marketers to leverage AI and Generative AI features to create and deliver highly relevant and personalized email campaigns in just a few clicks. 

Check out our Sitecore Send product page which also features a visual guided tour of the product. Additionally, you can request a demo with one of our product experts to explore the platform and learn more about how Sitecore Send can transform your email marketing efforts.

Anastasia Plati is a Product Marketing Manager at Sitecore. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Surya Shanmugam is Associate Product Marketer at Sitecore. Follow him on LinkedIn.