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Get ready for the moments coming tomorrow

Brands have been talking about digital transformation for more than a decade, and the last several years have proven that when consumers and brands both face common challenges, rapid transformation is possible.

Now that consumers have seen brands are capable of such fast innovation, playing it safe is risky. Bold brands don’t stop at a new status quo. They look at the needs of their audiences and solve them in a unique way that provides future value for both the customer and the business.

While we are a few years from knowing how the metaverse will take shape, augmented and virtual reality are allowing brands to innovate, and create experiences that will reinvent everything from shopping, to customer support, to employee learning. 

When mapping your brand's path, ensure you have the right strategy and technology foundation to build for the future ahead. 

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Meet the metaverse moment

According to a recent survey, marketers believe the metaverse can help solve challenges like: experiencing products before buying them, improving collaboration with employees in remote locations, and replicating the physical store.


of marketers predict consumers will spend more time in the metaverse than anywhere else online by 20271


of marketers are already concerned about building content to support immersive and metaverse-like experiences1

Key tactics to help you build boldy

  • Focus on what your audiences need from their experiences; don’t follow what every other brand is doing
  • Invest in a tech stack that can scale for your needs and give you the flexibility to adapt to changing customer demands
  • Integrate your marketing tech stack with other applications that are integral to the customer journey
  • Build your tech stack for an omnichannel world. For example, a headless CMS allows you to easily create and manage more components and deliver them to more places
  • Craft your brand’s plan for the metaverse
  • Build for accessibility, including marketers, developers, and customers. Your tech stack and experiences should be user-friendly and functional

Deliver bold experiences, today

Brands are already testing new experiences by extending the technology they have, such as this example of a virtual dealership. Watch the 4.5-minute demo from the Sitecore Symposium main stage showcasing an immersive experience delivered through Microsoft teams on a Sitecore-powered site.

We’ve helped these brands make a bold impact

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Additional insights to help you build for the future

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1. Sitecore (2022) Marketer Perceptions about the Metaverse