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Create consistency to connect with customers

Brands that stay true to their own unique message make real, successful connections with customers. But how do you stay true? 

Consistency in what you say, how you say it, and when you say it leads to assured, confident consumers and authentic experiences. 

This happens with smart integration in your marketing stack – where data that may have once been scattered across multiple locations, is now unified in one place. It can also be driven by collaborative workflows that encourage sharing and consistency across the content you create.

Centralizing your message, data, and assets not only helps to build customer trust, but it can also result in better understanding of the information you have and more effective reuse of your content – bringing even more benefits to your business. 

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Centralizing information helps build trust

Brand loyalty is centered on trust, yet a recent survey revealed that many don't trust even their favorite brands - potentially because many marketers struggle to create content that resonates with their audiences. By centralizing information, data, and assets, more marketers can effectively hit the mark.


of consumers describe their favorite brand as trustworthy1


of marketers struggle to create content that resonates with their audiences2

Key tactics to help you centralize truth

  • Choose a digital experience platform that can serve your whole business, and try to prevent teams from using point solutions
  • Centralize all of your digital assets in a DAM
  • Align your workflows so that everyone knows the process for content creation and approval
  • Choose tech that can be adapted to suit your workflows as they evolve and become refined overtime
  • Establish partnerships across teams to support collaboration and information-sharing
  • Set up consistent taxonomies for file-naming and asset-labeling across platforms and business functions
  • Break down digital silos to support effective content reuse 
  • Establish common customer personas across the business

Central solution doubles digital output

Sitecore® ContentHub® improves collaboration, speeds production of engaging, error-free training content and programs for GP Strategies, an LTG PLC subsidiary

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Additional insights to help you centralize truth

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1. Sitecore (2022) 2022 Brand Authenticity Report.