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Use data to connect authentically

When customers are online they encounter a lot of noise – messaging and communications that just don’t resonate with them.

In a world saturated with digital content, less really is more. Focus on the quality of your communications. Define your personas and segments so you can reach customers and deliver messages that matter to them - and authentically represent your brand to connect on their terms.  

This approach means providing personalized content at scale, which requires a content solution that encompass intelligence, insight, and impact for the individuals you want to reach. Always be mindful when using customer data and pay attention to privacy – it will only help to build customer trust and confidence in your brand.

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Build strong relationships with customers

According to a recent Sitecore survey, some of the actions that help brands mute the noise include demonstrating that your brand understands what's needed, providing insightful recommendations, and actively demonstrating brand values through action.


want to connect with brands on a personal level1


of efforts to create automated, personalized engagement won’t meet ROI goals because of inadequate buyer insights2

Key tactics to help you mute the noise

  • Capture rich data across all digital channels to drive continuously-personalized content for individual customers 
  • Measure content effectiveness and market to customers in the context of their current and past interactions – across any channel, in real-time
  • Put the right tech in place to automate personalization of the entire experience 
  • Unify your assets, teams, and processes to speed up the development of the most relevant content 
  • Use AI to respond to customer behavior changes and target more effectively
  • Pay attention to privacy rules and use customer data respectfully

Deliver better experiences

Find out how Thule connects with its customer base by understanding their needs and delivering the right content, on the right channel, at the right time.

We’ve helped these brands connect with their customers

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Additional insights to help you mute the noise

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Unifying content, experience, and commerce, Sitecore's composable digital experience platform is a suite of products that empower brands to mute the noise and deliver the experiences customers crave.

1. Sitecore (2022) 2022 Brand Authenticity Report.

2. Forrester (2021) Forrester’s North America Predictions 2022: The 30% of Companies That Insist On A Fully In-Office Model Will Find That Their Employees Simply Won’t Accept It. Available from: .