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Differentiate from the competition

Meeting every moment requires brands to be distinct and memorable. One of the top reasons brands continue to invest in customer experience is to differentiate themselves from the competition – to stand out.

Standing out has become more complex with the growth of content and channels. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the most important factors right now are: differentiating from competitors, prioritizing customer interests over sales desires, and mapping to the different stages of the buying journey.

Consumers also have different expectations for brands. To earn their loyalty, consumers want brands to be more authentic and demonstrate their brand values through action. 

With all of these changing priorities and expectations, how do leading brands move forward? 

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Connect authentically to stand out

Sitecore research found that consumers place more emphasis on what brands stand for beyond the products and services they deliver.


of people believe brands should make a conscious effort to ensure their customers feel represented in their marketing1


of brands say they plan to feature more diversity in ad campaigns in the next 12 months1

Key tactics to help you stand out

  • Create an inclusive content strategy, leading with empathy and understanding to connect in a meaningful way with your customers
  • Build a tech stack that allows you to scale based on customer data and buying stage, so you can respond authentically to customer needs 
  • Ensure your campaigns represent broader segments of your customer base so all customers feel included in your messaging
  • Know your core brand values and express them through your content and across all channels to engage customers
  • Instead of forcing your customer down a set path as their needs change, put the right technology in place to follow their journey     
  • Build a robust post-sale experience and empower customer service employees to resolve customer issues themselves

Stand out with the right content

Meeting every moment for your audience starts with having the right content on the right channel that connects with them in an authentic way. Hear how L'Oréal stands out with a global approach to content. 

We've helped these brands differentiate from the competition

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Additional insights to help you stand out

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1. Sitecore (2022) 2022 Brand Authenticity Report.