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2022 Report

Brand Authenticity

What U.S. consumers expect from their favorite brands

Drive authentic connections

From business models to consumer engagement, digital experiences to their stance on social issues, brands worldwide have seen supercharged change. Now, as the dust settles on the past two years, our research examines new consumer expectations around brand authenticity.

A mid-April 2022 survey asked 1,174 US consumers about their views. The findings are essential reading for brands looking to drive more authentic connections with customers and wanting to know how to go about it.

See what consumers are saying across five key areas.

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Essential findings


81% of consumers say brands should try to ensure customers feel represented in their marketing and communications


84% of consumers believe that brands need to prove that they are acting fairly.


70% of consumers want brands to connect with them on a more personal level

Explore consumer opinions across

5 key areas

  • 1. Empathy and understanding

    1. Empathy and understanding

    Vital components of authenticity, empathy, and understanding are key consideration tools for brands and their customer interactions.

    And 8 out of 10 consumers surveyed reported that it is powerful when brands illustrate empathy, provide insightful recommendations, demonstrate their values through action and remember actions already taken.

    But which specific touchpoints do customers think you should be focusing on when trying to connect and engage with them?

    Discover their views in our report

  • 2. Brand representation

    2. Brand representation

    Who does your brand represent? And what does it support? 81% say brands should try to ensure customers feel represented in their marketing and communications.

    What do consumers think about your stance on social issues? How important is transparency? And should you simply stay neutral?

    See what consumers have to say

  • 3. Transparency and communication

    3. Transparency and communication

    Our research showed that brands need to be transparent in how they deal with customers and employees – including in how they communicate. For example, 84% believe that brands need to prove that they are acting fairly.

    How will customers react to price increases? Will they understand why they’ve risen? And will their loyalty to your brand remain intact?

    Find out how customers would react

  • 4. Brand loyalty

    4. Brand loyalty

    What about brand loyalty in general? Our research reveals the extent of the challenge: only 4 in 10 consumers (of all ages) describe themselves as “fans” of their favorite brands.

    But there’s good news too. You can foster brand loyalty — the question is, how? What do consumers consider to be key? Is quality more important than price?

    See what our research has uncovered

  • 5. Shopping experiences

    5. Shopping experiences

    About a third (30%) of US consumers say they buy almost everything online. And our study reveals how brands can improve online shopping experiences in the eyes of their customers.

    Yet online isn’t the full story. How can you cater for those who say they “live for the experience” of shopping in person? And how can you connect online and offline experiences to create authentic connections and drive loyalty.

    See the bigger picture in our report

Brand Authenticity

See what our research has uncovered

For brands willing to invest in service, convenience, and take steps to rebuild trust, there is an opportunity to win back consumers and strengthen relationships with existing, happy customers.

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Get the full report

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