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Sitecore boosts Device Detection service with new 51Degrees integration

By Griffin Pickard , Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sitecore works with a wide range of technology company partners to expand its capabilities—from channel connections, commerce, social, email, translation, and search; to back-end management like hosting, databases, digital asset management, CRM integration, and analytics. Our Technology Parter program’s latest partnership offers a high-quality, comprehensive Device Detection service by seamlessly integrating with 51Degrees.

New with version 9 of Sitecore Experience Platform

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with 51Degrees as the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ Device Detection service provider. The service will be available to customers starting with Sitecore Version 9, provided to existing customers under valid maintenance contracts at no additional cost.

Sitecore Device Detection is fully integrated and available in multiple areas of the platform to provide contextual and meaningful experiences that harness the power of the 51Degrees device detection capabilities.

  • Create adaptive experiences quickly and easily. The service allows developers and marketers to create intelligent, personalized responsive and adaptive web experiences using the Sitecore Layout Engine, Experience Editor, and Experience Accelerator (SXA). Device intelligence quickly and accurately identifies the exact device the customer is browsing on and personalizes their experience. Adaptive experiences can also optimize bandwidth and improve page load times, by delivering only the required assets for the given device and removing irrelevant device or OS-specific functionality.
  • Granular device data detection. The experiences collected by the Sitecore® Experience Database™ through connected digital channels are tagged with device detection data, enabling intelligent segmentation, deep reporting, and a greater perspective on the activities of your customer base. The Device Detection service not only detects device type but model, price range, and features, enabling granular reporting leading to stronger business decisions. For example, knowing that your target segment primarily interacts with your website on a Friday morning using a mobile device, allows you to design meaningful and engaging content for that device screen size and format.
  • Improved reporting. Sitecore applications utilize Device Data to present comprehensive reports across Sitecore’s marketing and reporting interfaces. For example, Sitecore Email Experience Manager reports open, click, bounce, or complaint rates to campaign managers, by device type and operating system. Sitecore Analytics allows marketers to segment traffic by technology data type. A contact’s Experience Profile™ can tell you which devices they own and when they interacted with your brand on each given device.

51 Degrees provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date device data with an extremely fast API. The 51Degrees technical team worked seamlessly with Sitecore’s product development group to fully integrate the Device Detection service into the Sitecore Experience Platform and we’re now excited to offer it starting with Sitecore version 9.

Griffin Pickard is Senior Manager, Partner Development at Sitecore. Find him on LinkedIn.