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Sitecore 8: Simplifying the extraordinary

By Mark Floisand , Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Customer loyalty is a beautiful thing. These days, it’s also rather extraordinary, like heavy rain dousing the desert at the Burning Man festival.

Companies have long understood the business value of customer loyalty. Unfortunately, marketers still grapple with disjointed, dysfunctional toolsets as they attempt to engage each customer in a personal, long-term relationship with a company or brand. 

Amazingly, existing customers provide 65% of most companies’ revenues. But organizations routinely spend three to 30 times more  to attract new customers than to keep current customers satisfied. 

Sitecore 8 simplifies complexity

With Sitecore® Experience Platform™ Version 8, marketers’ time has finally come. It provides the industry’s first single, fully connected customer experience platform that also integrates with other customer-facing platforms.

In doing so, Sitecore 8 creates a single view of the customer in a big data marketing repository, simplifying the extraordinary complexity that has been marketers’ biggest constraint.

The tools marketers need to win customers for life

With Sitecore 8, marketers have at their fingertips the complete data, integrated tools and automation capabilities to engage customers throughout an iterative lifecycle—the technology foundation absolutely necessary to win customers for life.

The benefits of Sitecore 8

New features of Sitecore 8 translate to into strong, tangible operational benefits for marketers:

  • Automated testing and optimization lets marketers feel confident that the customer experience is being optimized constantly, in real time, through every interaction, over any platform. This confidence travels up through the marketing organization, all the way to the Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Because customer experience testing and optimization occurs effortlessly, marketers can now focus on other critical tasks.
  • The customer experience can be managed based on how the business runs, not how the software dictates.
  • Sitecore 8 breaks down the silos among functions, enabling them to work together to create a consistent customer experience.
  • Marketers gain a compete view of how customers are interacting with the company, even in other systems, websites, or with other permission-based, customer-facing functions.
  • Marketers can provide insight about customer interactions to other organizations/functions within the company.

Sitecore white paper: “Simplifying the extraordinary”

Sitecore 8 empowers marketers to rethink how they achieve loyalty. It’s now far easier to focus on keeping customers engaged, long after the moment of purchase.

To learn more of exactly how marketers can use Sitecore to creatively communicate with customers throughout the lifecycle, check out the new Sitecore white paper, “Sitecore 8: Simplifying the extraordinary - The integration and automation marketers need to win customers for life.” You can download it now.

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