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Sitecore 8: The art, craft and humanity of marketing

By Darren Guarnaccia , Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I am really going to miss the AMC cable series “Mad Men” when it comes to a close next year. Sure, I’ve enjoyed all the interpersonal dramas and plot twists. But most of all, I have loved watching old-school ad pros like Don Draper and Peggy Olson do what they do best: tap into the depths of the human psyche to come up with campaigns that resonate with consumers like an arrow in a bullseye.

Making the human connection

“Mad Men,” I think, has a deep appeal to marketers because this kind of work­­––the intense creativity and human connection––is what every marketer longs to do.

Unfortunately, today’s marketers spend most of their time hunting down data instead of flexing their creative muscles. The Digital Analytics Association found that marketers spend more than 50% of their time capturing data, and between 1% and 10% of their time working on actual marketing campaigns. (Source: DAA 2012 Web Analyst Job Task Analysis Report) That makes marketers sadder than Don Draper getting let go from his agency.  

Darren Guarnaccia

Marketers spend over 50% of their time capturing data.

Getting back to the art of marketing

Sitecore® Experience Platform™ Version 8 changes everything. It allows marketers to understand customers as humans and overcome the complexity (and data gathering) they are buried under. Sitecore 8 lets marketers throttle back on the science and get back to the art of marketing with:

  • Experience everywhere: Understand the whole experience your customers are having with your organization, wherever they’re having it. You can collect any experience data inside Sitecore, as well as other customer-facing platforms such as ERP, CRM and Customer Service, even non-Sitecore websites––and store it all in the Sitecore Experience Database to create a true, single view of the customer.
  • Automated testing and optimization: With Sitecore 8, all testing happens automatically. You don’t need to set up, run, or monitor testing ever again. Sitecore will recommend the best content, best segments to target, best paths to conversion, and even automatically write the rules to optimize the learnings. All you do is review and choose. You can even chose how involved you want to be.
  • Customize for your business: With Sitecore 8 you decide how to customize your Customer Experience Management platform, based on how your business operates and how your customers choose to interact with you. Nothing is limited to out of the box; it’s your platform. You choose.
  • The right insight at the right time: What works, what doesn’t, what should you try? Much more than reporting on past behavior, Sitecore analytics provides the critical information your team needs to inform dozens of decisions they make every day.

With innovations like these, Sitecore is making good on our promise to deliver the industry’s only true, integrated customer experience platform. It’s easy to see why Sitecore 8 is the right choice for marketers who want more than funny ads pasted on top of disjointed technology; they want to focus on the human side of their craft, not data management.

I am sure even Don Draper would agree.

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