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Understanding customers: Danone-Nutricia masters Context Marketing

By Darren Guarnaccia , Friday, October 23, 2015

Sitecore’s announcement of Sitecore Experience Platform is all about Context Marketing. And with good reason; with context, you can understand exactly where customers are on their buying journey and give them useful, relevant content, at the point when they’ll be most receptive to it.

Sitecore customer Danone-Nutricia is at the forefront of Context Marketing, driving an incredible eight-fold growth in month-over-month revenues since launching its “Mother’s Journey” program built with Sitecore Experience Platform™ and the Sitecore Experience Database™ (xDB). The program has sustained average growth of 75% each month, and average monthly rebuy growth of 140%—simply amazing business results!

Understanding what makes customers tick

The digital marketing team at Danone-Nutricia understands that listening to customers trumps shouting at them. With a goal of understanding the mother’s journey, the team spent time and effort to identify a mother’s “moments of truth,” from conception through pregnancy to a child’s third birthday.

“We identified the emotions and decision points mums’ experience along the way—and that drives all of our customer experience decision making,” says Max Goijarts, Technology and CX Manager at Danone-Nutricia. By gaining a thorough understanding of what makes mothers tick, Danone-Nutricia was able to provide parents with help, support, and product information. The team could then lay out its most relevant services, content, and tools around the moments when they are commercially right.

Responding with personalized content

The Context Marketers at Danone-Nutricia didn’t go straight for conversion at every interaction. They took a nurturing approach based on delivering useful content—content that answers mothers’ questions, alleviates their anxieties, and encourages their desires, in context. Goijarts says, “We’ll know when a mum will be looking for pregnancy health advice, feeding plans, or recipe ideas for her toddler, so we can offer expert advice and help at exactly the moment when mums need it most.”

Goijarts and the team created specific, helpful content around key moments of truth, like a child’s due or birth date, to inject personal context into every mother’s journey. Working closely with Sitecore Business Optimization Services (SBOS) and Danone-Nutricia’s digital agency, valued Sitecore partner Lukkien, the team created a cohesive omnichannel experience. These ingenious, innovative, and highly meaningful ways to participate in a mother’s journey included:

1) A mobile app that allows mothers to save all sorts of important data on her baby and herself, as well as interact with every element of the “Mother’s Journey” program. With 58% of Danone-Nutricia’s audience participating via mobile, the app affords a sandbox to test features for possible deployment on the Sitecore platform, and to gain insights into what mothers want and need.

The Danone-Nutricia app was downloaded by 28% of new moms in the Benelux region in its first year after launch—an important accomplishment against a key KPI.

2) Providing convenient commerce services at the Nine Months Fair, an annual event in Amsterdam where expectant mothers can find all kinds of information that they’ll need to care for their baby, from nutrition and baby gear to safety and baby room décor. At the Fair mothers can purchase products from Danone-Nutricia, which are delivered to their homes the next day. Having products delivered straight to the mother’s doorstep—instead of having to haul them from the Fair to the car, and then again from the car to inside the house—is a big win with new mothers.

Danone-Nutricia orders taken at the Fair are processed through a payment terminal connected to its online shop. Two orders per minute are processed at the Nine Months Fair.

3) Clever social engagement tools like “Magic Mirror,” a special mirror that projects video images of a growing fetus onto the belly of the mother standing in front of it. Magic Mirror allows expectant moms to visually experience the physical journey they’re on, and they can share a photo or video of themselves in the mirror with friends and loved ones via social media.

4) Standalone point of sale kiosks that allow on-the-go-parents to purchase necessities like baby formula anytime, day or night. The first kiosk was installed in Amsterdam’s Central Station; before making their purchases from the Danone-Nutricia vending machine, customers register first via a simple form on the kiosk’s screen. In this way, the customer can be prompted to purchase the correct formula.

All of these engagement mechanisms enabled Danone-Nutricia to provide expert advice, ranging from general health advice to specific hands-on consulting that links advice with product recommendations—Context Marketing, perfectly applied.

Through the “Mother’s Journey” initiative, built on a strong foundation of Context Marketing, Danone-Nutricia was able to open up a new revenue stream with a sales channel built on direct, one-to-one relationships with the people who actually use the products and services. Goijarts sums up, “With average growth of 75% each month, and average monthly rebuy growth of 140%, we’re very pleased with the results we’ve seen so far and we’re confident of continued growth in the future.”

Become a Context Marketer

To learn more about the art and science of Context Marketing and how innovation leaders like Danone-Nutricia, L’Oréal, and Mizuno practice it, download the new Sitecore eBook, “7 Lessons from visionary Context Marketers.”

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