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Did you know this about Sitecore? Personalization without Database

By Lars Nielsen , Friday, May 25, 2012

Did you know that you do not need to store data in the analytics database in order to run Sitecore personalization rules? No? Then read on...

It has been a while since my last post. Embarrassing long time to be frank! But now is the time to pick up the pen and paper and dust off my writing skills.

I have decided to regularly write posts about Sitecore stuff that anybody should know, but almost nobody does. Hopefully, I will be able to push out an interesting technical but business critical fact once every week. If you got ideas for interesting facts, drop me a mail or comment on these posts.

This first post is based on a discussion we had internally in Sitecore. A discussion that centered on the fact, that some customers will not have the capacity to store Sitecore DMS data, but still would want to run some personalization rules. Other scenarios include customers who for legal reasons may not store visitor information.

First of all, - let me eliminate the common misconception that disabling the Sitecore analytics database also disables personalization rules. This is not the case. Of course it disables those rules that are based on historical data, which goes without saying, but rules such as what and how the user is doing during the ongoing session will still work. For example, if a user has visited a specific page or matches a pattern.

I have not tested all the rules, but I could imagine several rules would work; for example social connector rules, facebook profile rules, user pattern and profile rules, events and goals rules, referrers and traffic type rules, device rules, security rules, sites rules, workflow rules and of course, custom rules that does not use the database.  


Pattern Match Rule on Nicam Page

Rule Editor on Pattern Matching

Rule matches pattern 'Macro Interested' and shows Amateur Camera


Some info for the techie:

How do you disable the Analytics Database? That’s easy: Set the value attribute of the Analytics.DisableDatabase element in the  /App_Config/Include/Sitecore.Analytics.config file to true.

Sitecore.Analytics.config file, Analytics.DisableDatabase element set to true