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The world’s biggest brands make steady progress on connecting customer data – more work to be done.

By Dave Dupert , Thursday, August 13, 2015
Over the past year Sitecore has collaborated with MeetTheBoss TV to interview over 100 marketing executives from some of the world’s most famous brands. Companies such as Disney, CITI, Warner Bros, and Western Union joined these sessions to discuss their biggest digital marketing challenges.

As interviews progressed, a central challenge emerged: how to effectively turn customer data into deep insight that can be leveraged to deliver better brand experiences. It’s a challenge these companies also view as a massive opportunity, as they understand the correlation between strong brand experiences and bottom line success.

MeetTheBoss TV and Sitecore recently reviewed this challenge in a live webinar: Moving from data to insight to action…and other challenges of over 100 marketing executives. From marketing silos to internal strategic misalignment, attendees saw what’s preventing these companies from overcoming this “data to insight to action” challenge to deliver outstanding brand experiences. Just as important, they got the inside scoop into how these brands are overcoming these barriers.

You can register to watch a recording of this webinar by clicking here.

Most likely your organization is grappling with some of the issues that these executives raise. Hopefully this resource sparks some new ideas and provides guidance as you move forward in owning the experience that you deliver to customers and prospects!

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