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Are all AIDAs created equal?

By Eric Knutson , Friday, April 17, 2015

In my 15 years of working in marketing and product marketing in the hi-tech enterprise sector, I became familiar with ‘AIDA’, a widely used acronym in marketing communications.  It describes the exact order of emotions a particular message or a strategy intends to trigger in a person (see text box to the right). Then I started working at Sitecore in product marketing last year and learned the company had taken the concept to a whole new level, to the point of trademarking their AIDA framework – Analysis, Insights, Decisions and Automation to describe the capabilities of the Sitecore® Experience Platform™.


Sitecore is in the business of Experience Marketing, in simple terms this means providing a single, consistent ‘experience’ or communication between a customer and their brand, across all channels, in real-time with the objective of turning them into customers for life. Most companies today make the mistake of having siloed marketing departments conducting siloed outreach to customers. They may be aware of each other’s activities but are rarely accessing the same customer data and history and building a 1:1 relationship with their audience. Numerous studies including Accenture’s “The Rise of Me-Tail” and “Global Consumer Pulse” have highlighted the dissatisfaction customers feel when they receive generic messages from brands they frequent, or are obliged to provide the same personal details again and again to a vendor.

This is where Sitecore AIDA™ and the Sitecore® Platform™ stand out in the Experience Marketing space. It is where the intelligence and number-crunching takes place; pulling in all manner of interaction information from individuals engaging with a particular brand, say a retailer: social messages they have posted, emails they have responded to, brochures they have downloaded, websites they have visited, online/offline goods they have purchased, and more. The Platform builds a profile for each and every individual to learn who they are, what they prefer, and where they are in the buying cycle.

Sitecore collects, evaluates and analyzes the patterns, behaviors and decisions from these different channels and provides the marketer with insights through the many reports and content testing tools available (indeed, Sitecore goes further by ‘recommending’ particular courses of action to its users via its Machine Learning capabilities) to ensure marketing activities are the most relevant to the audience. With Sitecore a brand has the ability to ensure all these different experiences are shaped to that particular individual’s profile.

The final letter in the acronym is automation, which refers to a system of checks and balances to automate the process of communicating to a given individual or group of individuals with similar interests. In this way, a company can ‘personalize’ content to thousands of people at once, understand their preferences and in doing so increase the likelihood of long-term loyalty.


The Sitecore Network Diagram – in the middle you see AIDA. This layer pulls customer information from other disparate systems and channels and provides insights the marketer can use to improve program results.

So are all AIDAs created equal? No. Sitecore AIDA™ shapes every aspect of a customer’s experience with a brand. Request a demo of the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ to learn how our solution can change the relationship you have with your customers, and change your business.

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