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New reporting and more in Email Experience Manager 3.3

By Eric Knutson , Friday, June 3, 2016

We have some exciting news—we released EXM 3.3 June 1 to the market! Big thanks to the entire Sitecore product team—cue to take a bow—that’s devoted to making our email product excel at providing our customers the functionality they require to be successful. Way back in my February blog post, I extolled the inherent benefits of the Sitecore platform and how it differentiates us from other solutions. For those of using previous versions of EXM, you’re in for a big surprise!

New reporting experience

Reporting for marketers is one key area that we wanted to improve on this development cycle…and we’ve done that with improvements to the UI and available reports. Now with EXM 3.3, marketers have a variety of information at their fingertips. On the new EXM dashboard, a set of reports gives an overview of the performance and analytics of the entire email channel, or drills down for an individual campaign in near real time by:

  • Recipient activity
  • Value and visits
  • Top campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Location
  • Technology (OS, device)

What distinguishes our reporting from other Email Service Providers (ESP) and customer experience vendors out there is our ability to capture analysis right down to the individual—and not just whether they opened the email or clicked on the link in the email. Sitecore’s Experience Platform tracks how a recipient responds to any marketing channel; builds a profile including demographic, psychographic, transactional, and social data; and then, combined with explicit and implicit behaviors and patterns, determines how interested they are in your brand using a Sitecore-specific metric—Engagement Value (EV). All in one system. In layman’s terms…how interested is your customer in your product or service? Other vendors require the use of several systems (resulting in several customer data sets) to achieve something similar.

Stay tuned later this summer as we release the next version of EXM which promises additional enhancements in delivery, communication channels, and template management.

For those marketers not familiar with our email product, visit Getting Started with EXM on our documentation site to learn more about the solution. Stay tuned for our next release in July with further enhancements in task/template management and subscription preferences.