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Cloud by Numbers – The Dollar Value of Moving to Sitecore on Azure

By Owen Brandt , Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cloud hosting has rapidly gained popularity as the preferred web hosting across many different industries; in fact, more than 50% of mid to enterprise-level Australian businesses have already realised its potential.1

Despite this, most Sitecore customers continue to opt for on-premise servers to host their websites; which is where you, as valued Sitecore digital partners, can make a huge difference.

As most of you are (hopefully) already aware, Sitecore on Microsoft Azure launched in Australia in October last year. What you may not be aware of is just how significant the cost savings could be for your Sitecore on-premise customers.

Real cost-savings of the cloud
For those looking to make a solid business case for moving to the cloud, the crux of the decision will invariably come down to cost-savings; so, here’s a brief look at just some of the ways in which Azure can directly impact your customers’ TCO:

  • Procurement and Deployment Cycle
    In most cases, the larger the organisation, the more red-tape is involved when it comes to the procurement and deployment of any IT solutions. In fact, research from McKinsey & Company found that, on average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time, while delivering 56% less value than predicted.2

    With upfront costs and both managed and unmanaged service options available, Azure can significantly reduce set-up times and workloads.
  • Eliminate overprovisioning
    The rigid nature of a dedicated server infrastructure means that your storage resources will always be in a state of over or under provisioned. In fact, most storage systems deployed to support virtualized environments are only 20-30% utilised from a capacity perspective, before they run out of performance resources.3

    With the ability to quickly scale up or down, per-minute billing and a commitment to match competitor prices for popular infrastructure services like compute, storage, and bandwidth, Azure customers will always benefit from unbeatable price for performance.


  • High Availability
    Downtime is a terrifying prospect for any business. According to Information Technology Information Consulting, one hour of downtime can cost up to $100K for 95% of enterprises.4 

    Azure offers a 99.95% availability SLA, 24x7 tech support and around-the-clock service health monitoring. That is why more than 57% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure today.

To find out more about how your Sitecore customers can benefit from switching to Sitecore on Azure, get in touch with our Technical Partner Manager, Jerry Norman-Nott

With just under 15 years’ of web development experience under his belt, including two at Sitecore Australia, Jerry became Sitecore’s Technical Partner Manager at the beginning of the year.

As Technical Partner Manager, Jerry ensures that Sitecore partners, within Australia and New Zealand, are following the very latest recommended practices for Sitecore deployments, with a view to delivering high-quality implementations.


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