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Announcing the 2016 Sitecore MVP awards

By Pieter Brinkman , Thursday, February 18, 2016

Today we announce the 2016 Sitecore MVP award winners—these awards are individual awards with which we celebrate and recognize the Sitecore community and thought leaders. I’m honored to congratulate our 221 MVPs of 2016! The 2016 MVP awards include 177 Technology, 35 Digital Strategist, and 9 Commerce MVPs. View the entire list at the MVP website.


The MVP program, now in its tenth year, has seen tremendous growth around nomination and MVP in the last few years. This year alone we had more than 450 nominations from 31 countries! We also introduced recommendations to allow Sitecore employees and existing MVPs to recommend a potential MVP. For 2016, we received over 1,000 recommendations—some individuals received as many as 20 recommendations—giving us the opportunity to review nominations from different angles and perspectives.

Even as the number of MVPs increases year over year, we continue to improve the quality of the MVP program with more interaction and openness. For example, our MVPs are now part of the Sitecore product release schedule and get early access to each new release of Sitecore. MVPs also asked for and got a webinar about the future of our WFFM module with key stakeholders from the Sitecore product team, resulting in invaluable feedback from the community.

Introducing the Commerce MVP

This year we’ve recognized the first nine Sitecore Commerce MVPs worldwide. The Commerce MVP acknowledges commerce experts and enthusiasts who use Sitecore to empower e-commerce solutions.

Now with three categories of MVPs—Technology, Digital Strategist, and Commerce—we have a unique opportunity to tap these experts across their all these different skill sets. All MVPs will be invited to every activity, e.g., a Commerce MVP could join a technical architecture webinar about the latest upcoming Sitecore version, or a Technology MVP could join presentations and discussions about the use of Marketing Analytics. Each MVP category partners with an expert at Sitecore who will host sessions and activities with tailored content.

Looking back at 2015

For me the yearly MVP awards is a time to look back on the past year and enjoy all the community achievements and highlights, and to thank everyone who is involved with the Sitecore community, whether they are sharing their knowledge with others or organizing community activities.

  • Sitecore MVP Summit 2015—New Orleans
    Sitecore MVP Summit 2015, a yearly highlight for every MVP, took place in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. Sitecore MVP title holders from around the world gathered to celebrate, share knowledge, learn, and meet each other in person.

  • Sitecore Community and Slack chat Sometimes you forget how strong and big the Sitecore community is, and I got reminded this year. First, we launched and within 6 months we had more than 7,000 people active community members. A few months later the community opened a Slack chat and it quickly grew to 700+ members with more than 10 channels. Slack chat has become a great resource to get quick answers to your questions.

Once again, a big thanks to our wonderful community members. It’s been a pleasure to work with everyone. Let’s see if we can create some new community highlights in 2016!

More information on the MVP program can be found on the Sitecore MVP site. Have questions about the MVP program? Ask them on and join the community fun!