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It is my honor to congratulate our 167 MVPs of 2015!

By Pieter Brinkman , Wednesday, January 28, 2015

          141 Technology                                    26 Digital Strategists

  Sitecore MVP Technology                    Sitecore MVP Strategist

This year we received almost 400 nominations from 33 countries. All nominations have been reviewed by two multidisciplinary juries; one regional and one corporate. Each nomination has at least been reviewed twice, some up to five times. What defines an MVP is not always black and white, each nomination is carefully considered.

I know I’m going to say this every year, but it’s true. This MVP selection was the toughest in Sitecore history. Not only because of the large number of nominations, but also because of the quality of the submissions.

In 2015 there are 167 MVPs hailing from 25 different countries.

Here are some numbers describing the MVPs of 2015 and their contributions to the Sitecore community:

  • Combined they received a total score on Sitecore related tags of 5245 on StackOverflow
  • Posted 2283 replies on the SDN forums
  • Wrote 1148 High Quality Sitecore-related blog posts
  • Contributed 205 modules on the marketplace
  • Presented 179 sessions (both online or offline)
  • 50 MVPs are involved in managing or hosting a Sitecore user group

MVP contribution

These contributions make MVPs the Sitecore community leaders.

Looking back at the Sitecore MVP program 2014

2014 has been a great year for Sitecore and our Sitecore MVPs.  This year, the Sitecore MVPs received early access to Sitecore 7.5, including a kick-off webinar from Sitecore. And, the MVPs where the first to receive access to Sitecore 8. Providing access to the early releases gives our MVPs the power to master the product before it has been released. It also gives us at Sitecore insights and feedback from a real-world perspective.

We held two MVP summits directly after Sitecore Symposium. During both MVP summits there were open conversations about the future of the platform, the MVP program and SBOS. We also hosted technical deep dive sessions and a MVP Sitecore challenge that could only be won by the best of the best.

MVP summit Las Vegas   MVP summit Barcelona

Las Vegas MVP summit                                             Barcelona MVP summit

Not only is the value of the program increasing for MVPs, but also for Sitecore. We are grateful for the regular, high-quality feedback and input from a group of highly intelligent and experienced community members out in the field. The Sitecore MVPs are even providing input on the product before the product has been developed. The versioned layouts feature in Sitecore 8 is the most recent example of this; resulting from an open discussion between the development team and our MVP’s.

Community Events 2014

The MVPs are tightly connected to the Sitecore community. Most community events and User Groups are driven by MVPs. They are truly the engine underneath the Sitecore ecosystem. I want to take this opportunity to highlight a number of community milestones last year.

In January 2014, we had the first global Sitecore Hackathon.11 teams from around the world participated in this 24 hour Hackathon. This year we already hosted the Sitecore Hackathon 2015 with 36 teams competing! Special thanks to Akshay Sura from NTT Data who did the planning and hosting for the complete 24 hours of the summit!

Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON)
The first Sitecore User Group Conference was hosted in the Netherlands in May 2014. The event was a one day conference with sessions on latest Sitecore development techniques, frameworks, modules and best practices. Following on its success, I’m pleased to share that SUGCON 2015 is going to take place on 12 June 2015. Special thanks to the Dutch Sitecore user group organization for driving this event.

Sitecore Users Virtual Summit
The Sitecore Users Virtual Summit was 24 hours of Sitecore session delivered by 17 presenters from 8 different countries. During the Summit they raised donations for Doctors without Borders. Special thanks to Mike Shaw from Hedgehog Development who did the planning and hosting for the complete 24 hours of the summit!

I want to be recognized as a Sitecore MVP 2016!

Do you want to become a Sitecore MVP 2016? Excellent! Join our community and start sharing your knowledge. Keep in mind it should be fun to share! Don’t know where or how to share your knowledge? Here are some ideas:

  • Help other by answering questions on the SDN forum and StackOverflow
  • Create modules and put them on Sitecore Marketplace
  • Start blogging. Don’t know what to blog about? Let me help you:
    • Blog about your work; e.g. what problems did you run into and how did you fix it
    • Blog about questions you answered on SDN or StackOverflow
    • Blog about your created modules
  • Visit User Groups, there are more than 30 User Groups worldwide. No User Group nearby? Start a new one! Join the Sitecore Virtual User Group
  • Present. Share your knowledge by presenting on Sitecore User Groups, at events and Webinars
  • Join conversations on Twitter using #Sitecore

These are just some ideas! More info about the Sitecore MVP program can be found on the dedicated MVP website on

If you’ve been nominated and not awarded the MVP award, do not be discouraged! Getting nominated is extremely difficult, it recognizes that Sitecore is aware of your contributions and appreciates all that you have done for the community.  Please don't let this slow you down. Continue doing what you do, contact your regional MVP coordinator. Explore how you can work together to submit an even stronger nomination for next year.

2015 is going to be a great year for the Sitecore community. If you have any questions please feel free to connect with me on Twitter or leave a comment below.

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