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Experience marketing needs old fashioned librarian skills

By Rikke Hestbaek , Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You want to create relevant and personalized customer experiences across several customer touch points. You want to make it easy for your customers to search and find your brand while trying to stay afloat in a sea of digital marketing channels. A digital librarian is needed.  

“No way” you might say, “Experience marketing is nothing for dusty librarians”. Here are some points for you to consider. Digital media libraries are very common within educational institutions and public sectors as well as within corporate marketing departments. Digital media libraries are essential if you want to take full control of your digital content on multiple channels. For this purpose, old-fashioned librarian skills are needed and they will be desired even more in the future.

Know what your customers want before they do

Within traditional libraries, the ability to find works of interest is directly related to how well they were cataloged in the first place. The same goes for your digital activities. It’s easy to create rich media content such as images, videos, presentations etc., but if you can’t remember where you actually stored them or you just didn’t tell anyone, no one will be able to find your content for reuse and your digital content may lose its value. Your digital content becomes more valuable when it’s converted into digital assets. This is where librarian skills come in handy when collaborating across departments. Efficient librarians are typically driven by helping users find what they are searching for even though the users might not know what that is.

Storing your media files in a digital repository (a digital asset management system) seamlessly connected with your Sitecore platform will give you a head start when it comes to reaching your customers before your competitors. With the right data-handling and a well-defined metadata structure, it will be easy for you and your customers to search, find, manage and reuse your digital content for optimal customer experiences.  

Your digital channel manager

By using a comprehensive digital asset management system, you will have countless opportunities for automated workflows and processes. All you need is a data driven person to keep track of the big picture and always have the accessibility of digital media files in mind. In other words, you need a librarian within your marketing team to be able to keep your digital content alive. The job title? You could call her your Digital Content Manager or Digital Channel Manager.  

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