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Sitecore Acquisition of Reflektion



Q: What is being announced?

Sitecore has announced its intent to acquire Reflektion, an AI-powered digital search platform that merges context, behavioral patterns, and meaning across channels to help organizations have rich, personalized conversations with their customers. The company was founded in 2012, is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and has approximately 50 employees.

Q: What product does Reflektion offer?

Reflektion offers a comprehensive digital commerce experience platform that combines individual insights, product intelligence, and AI-enabled capabilities to create more relevant and impactful search experiences. The platform includes modules for Site Search, Product Recommendations, Category and Landing Pages, Content Personalization, and Customer Engagement Console.

Q: What is the rationale for Sitecore’s acquisition of Reflektion?

Search has always been a critical element of digital experience and continues to play a crucial role throughout the entirety of a customer’s journey. Reflektion empowers customers with the ability to find the right information and products they need with personalized search results and predict the next best question to boost customer engagement.

Reflektion is built for a world that requires agile, nimble, and flexible technologies – it is cloud-native, API-first, and modular to offer faster innovation, less upfront investment, and shorter time to value. It represents another significant milestone in Sitecore’s evolution to a SaaS digital experience platform capable of supporting the most sophisticated digital experiences. With the addition of Reflektion alongside the recent acquisitions of Four51, Boxever, and Moosend, Sitecore can offer powerfully targeted, intelligent, and personalized digital customer journey in real-time.

Q: Who are some of Reflektion’s customers and what is the company’s annual revenue?

Reflektion’s customers include leading brands such as Skechers, Ulta, Reeds, Petco, Ascena, and RiteAid. Reflektion is a private company and does not disclose its annual revenue.





Q: How is this acquisition expected to impact ongoing development of the Reflektion platform?

After the deal closes — expected in September 2021 — Sitecore will integrate the Reflektion platform within Sitecore’s product portfolio. Sitecore will continue to support customers’ investments in the Reflektion platform, and the Reflektion team will benefit from Sitecore’s research and development resources that will help accelerate the development of new capabilities, as well as the scale of Sitecore’s marketing, sales, services, and support resources. After the transaction closes, Sitecore plans to share more information on how Reflektion will fit into Sitecore’s product portfolio and roadmap.

Q: Will the acquisition affect any of Sitecore’s current products?

Sitecore’s products will only get better as we integrate the Reflektion platform through the course of FY2022. Otherwise, Sitecore will continue to invest in innovating on the current products as well as our SaaS roadmap.

Q: Will the Reflektion leadership and employees be retained?

As soon as the acquisition closes, the intent is for all Reflektion employees to move to Sitecore. The purpose of this acquisition is to drive growth for Sitecore and we are in growth mode. Not inclusive of this acquisition, Sitecore is looking to hire hundreds of new people in the next year. As with any acquisition, though, we will continue to look closely at the specific business needs and make the right personnel decisions based on those needs for the long term.

Q: Will Reflektion be integrated under the Sitecore brand or will it maintain its own brand?

Once the deal closes—expected in September 2021—Reflektion and its products will be integrated under the Sitecore brand.

Q: How is Sitecore’s acquisition of Reflektion expected to benefit Reflektion customers?

Reflektion customers will benefit from an increased investment in research and development for each companies’ products. In addition, customers will benefit from access to Sitecore’s global customer success organizations and partner ecosystem.

Q: Can I still purchase the Reflektion platform?

Yes. The Reflektion platform continues to be available. Please contact your existing Reflektion sales representative to assist you.

Q: Should Reflektion customers continue to call Reflektion for account management and customer support?

Yes. Reflektion and Sitecore will remain separate companies until the closing of the acquisition. Reflektion customers should continue to rely on existing relationships. We will communicate any changes and transitions through normal channels.


The preceding FAQ is provided for informational purposes only to address common questions our customers and partners may have regarding Sitecore’s acquisition of Reflektion. The information provided is general in nature and is not intended to provide either an exhaustive explanation of Sitecore’s development plans or address any one specific solution from Sitecore, except where noted.

This FAQ contains forward looking statements. Our product and service offerings, future updates, or other planned modifications are subject to ongoing evaluation by Sitecore and subject to change.

This information is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Customers who purchase Sitecore offerings should make their purchase decision based upon features that are currently available.