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Sitecore Recognizes Outstanding Technical Community Leaders From Around the World


San Francisco, California February 13, 2013 Sitecore, a leading web content management and customer experience management software company, today announced the 2013 Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). The program recognizes exceptional community leaders who serve as catalysts for change and innovation in the way technology drives personalized customer interactions.  

Sitecore MVPs are advocates, who share their passion and commitment to building technology solutions that offer positive customer experiences while encouraging the objective exchange of knowledge. The Sitecore MVP Award celebrates the most active Sitecore community members from around the world who provide invaluable contributions by solving problems and discovering new ways to transform technology. “With the MVP Award we thank those individuals who actively participate in online and offline communities to share their knowledge and expertise with others,” said Pieter Brinkman, technical marketing manager, Sitecore. “Our MVPs are passionate about Sitecore’s technology and delivering the most powerful and effective customer experience. The Sitecore community continues to rapidly grow around the world and we look forward to another year of working with our MVPs to exceed the growing expectation of consumers for brands and organizations to be more relevant and to respond immediately to their changing needs.”

The Sitecore MVP program offers a number of benefits, including access to technical resources such as alpha versions of Sitecore software, first release modules and full access to the Sitecore Developer Network and download section, and invitations to speak at and attend Sitecore events.

For 2013, forty-two outstanding individuals were selected to be members of the program and honored with a Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award and are as follows:

Anders Christian Ellegaard Gjelstrup                                 Magnetix A/S

Benjamin Vangansewinkel                                                    LBi Belgium

Brian Mercer                                                                             Delphic Digital

Chait Suwannarat                                                                    MedTouch

Chris Lees                                                                                Viridian Spark

Chris van de Steeg                                                                  eFocus

Dan Solovay                                                                              Velir

Douglas Couto                                                                         Agency Oasis

Dražen Janjiček                                                                        HintTech

Emmanuel Christophe                                                           Avanade

Grant Bartlett                                                                            Non-linear Creations

Henri De Roeck                                                                       The Reference

James de la Bastide                                                               Karbyn

Jamie Stump                                                                            Perficient, Inc.

Joel Konecny                                                                            Aware Web Solutions

Joel Lipman                                                                              Deloitte Digital

Kam Figy                                                                                   ISITE Design

Kamruz Jaman                                                                        Nexio Technologies

Keith Wood                                                                              True Clarity

Kiran Patil                                                                                Investis Ltd.

Kosei Akazawa                                                                        Nextscape

Krishnamurthy Balasubramaniam                                     Accenture Services Limited

Marc Duiker                                                                             NCIM Groep

Mark Stiles                                                                               Genzyme

Markus Grün                                                                           Netzkern AG

Matthew Kenny                                                                       Codehouse

Mikael Högberg                                                                      Stendahls

Mikkel Holck Madsen                                                             Oxygen Software ApS

Moe Sugizaki                                                                           Softbank Technology

Nick Allen                                                                                 Non-linear Creations

Niket Ashesh                                                                           XCentium

Patrik Holmberg                                                                     Webbyrån Petra

Paul George                                                                            Senior Web Developer

Rahul Mahboobani                                                                 ATOS

Reto Hugi                                                                                 Unic AG

Robin Hermanussen                                                             Lukkien

Ruud van Falier                                                                       PartTech IT

Sheetal Jain                                                                             Horizontal Integration

Stephen Tynes                                                                        Avanade

Thomas N. Lin                                                                         VML, Inc.

Tim Braga                                                                                Velir

Viv Slack                                                                                   Code Computerlove

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About Sitecore
Sitecore is a global software company that creates products to deliver the most relevant experience and content to customers at any moment of interaction and via any communications channel – the web, email, mobile, social and offline.   Our customer experience management platform combines proven web content management with customer intelligence to create a single view of a customer that drives meaningful interactions, increases conversions and builds lifetime customers. Global brands, including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, easyJet, Heineken, LEGO, Microsoft, and Nestle rely on Sitecore to get and keep loyal customers who engage more and drive revenue growth.

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