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Sitecore celebrates Pride!

Explore how Sitecore is working with its LGBTQIA+ members and allies to foster inclusivity during Pride Month and all year long.

We know if we are not being inclusive, then we are being unintentionally exclusive. Sitecore believes that everything we do and every decision we make must be done with thoughtful intention. We take steps with intention to further our beliefs by delivering inclusive programs and supporting diversity employee groups.

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LGBTQIA+ Sitecorians and allies lead the way in celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community within Sitecore and around the world, promoting programs and policies that ensure Sitecore remains a workplace of inclusion and belonging for everyone. We want all employees at Sitecore to feel safe at work and celebrated for their individuality.

Explore global charities that support LGBTQIA+

The 519

The 519 is committed to the health, happiness, and full participation of the LGBTQIA+ communities. A City of Toronto agency with an innovative model of service, space, and leadership, it strives to make a real difference in people’s lives, while working to promote inclusion, understanding, and respect.

Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign envisions a world where every member of the LGBTQIA+ family has the freedom to live their truth without fear and with equality under the law. The organizations empower our 3 million members and supporters to mobilize against attacks on the most marginalized people in our community.


IHLIA is the heritage organization with a socially relevant and indispensable collection. It is an independent organization in Amsterdam that is continuously involved in collecting information about the LGBTQIA+ community and making it accessible. Anyone can turn to IHLIA for information about homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders, and about their history, everyday life, and culture.

Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance

Open House is a social change organization that operates a multidisciplinary community, educational, and therapeutic center for the proud community. Since 1997, it has been working to make Jerusalem a city where every person will have the freedom to be themselves and live their lives, and to build a liberal and pluralistic Israeli exemplary society, with full equality of rights for sexual and gender minorities.


Mermaids supports transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse children and young, as well as their families and professionals involved in their care. It also currently offers web chat support to students. Transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse children and teens need support and understanding, as well as the freedom to explore their gender identity. Whatever the outcome, Mermaids is committed to helping families navigate the challenges they may face.

Rainbow Railroad

Rainbow Railroad is a global not-for-profit organization that helps LGBTQIA+ people facing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics. In a time when there are more displaced people than ever before, LGBTQIA+ people are uniquely vulnerable due to systemic, state-enabled homophobia and transphobia. As a result of Rainbow Railroad, more LGBTQIA+ individuals will be able to access lives free from persecution.


ShoutOut is committed to improving life for LGBTQIA+ people by sharing personal stories and educating school students, parents and guardians, teachers, youth workers, and workplaces on LGBTQIA+ issues. Since 2012, it’s been delivering workshops in secondary schools across the Island of Ireland, which tackle LGBTQIA+ bullying, and its completed over 1,800 student workshops over the past eight school years.

Terrence Higgins Trust

Terrence Higgins Trust is the UK's leading HIV and sexual health charity, providing the largest voluntary sector of sexual health services across the country. It supports people living with HIV and amplifying their voices, delivering high-quality health services, challenging the stigma associated with HIV, and working to end new transmission of HIV in the UK by 2030.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) young people. It aims to achieve its core mission to end suicide within this community through crisis services, peer support, research, public education, and advocacy.

Why these charities are important to us

In the extremely conservative and conflicted city of Jerusalem, Jerusalem Open House is one of the only safe places for queer folk, its pride flag waving in the crazy city centre a source of comfort and courage. It's truly an isle of sanity and acceptance in a very complicated city. As a mentor in the youth group there, I met Palestinian kids coming in from the east (occupied) part of the city, kids from Jewish religious backgrounds, trans kids with complicated family dynamics. The Jerusalem Pride march is always a source of contention and sometimes extreme violence. It's truly a special and important place.

Maya Naveh

Sr. Technical/Programmer Writer,

Mermaids is an important charity for me because of the fierce and damaging attacks on trans rights worldwide, and the dangerous rhetoric from public figures, press and politicians in the UK is creating a hostile environment for trans and gender-diverse young people. As LGB rights have improved throughout my lifetime, trans rights have not. It's time for the LGBTQIA+ community to prioritize the fight for rights, recognition, and freedom from discrimination for our transgender and gender-diverse siblings, in particular to support trans youth through this period in which they and their parents are attacked and vilified in the media and their identities debated, denied, and erased.

Lauren Bishop Vranch

Account Based Marketing Director,

We are privileged to live in an accepting country of LGBTQIA+ individuals. Rainbow Road charity helps support those in desperate, and sometimes life-threatening need.

Michael Martell

Partner Communications Manager,

ShoutOut focuses on combating homophobia in second-level education (ages 12 - 18) in Ireland. It was founded on the principle that second-level students can easily identify with volunteer facilitators who are primarily university students, just a couple of years out of school. I was one of these volunteers at a time when perception of queer people in Irish schools was changing rapidly — for the better. ShoutOut was and continues to be an important support for this positive change.

Conor O'Shea

Solutions Architect,

I grew up in a family that was very loving regardless of sexual orientation/identification, but I know others are not as fortunate. The Trevor Project has always been an excellent support site for those at risk and need help.

Allie Wadford

Sr. Graphic Designer,

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