Sitecore Experience Awards 2018


ADAC is the largest automobile association in Europe and the largest motorcycle club in the world. Its website comprises more than 30,000 pages and 100 separate applications offering a broad array of travel, financial, and insurance products and services, with additional content for members only. ADAC wanted to give its 20.1 million members a more user-centric digital experience with a single point of entry, while making it easier at the same time for staff to test and roll out new digital features and update content.

ADAC worked with Namics to build a new site driven by Sitecore that lets the organization add new features, applications, and site areas while keeping existing applications and content functional for a consistent, uninterrupted user experience. This allows the project team to improve the site, learn from experience, and apply that experience to the next round of changes for accelerated time-to-market. Since the initial launch, ADAC's bounce rates have dropped, while conversion rates and time spent per visit in content areas have both increased.




Central and Eastern Europe

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