With Sitecore, NGF has created an online coach that informs, motivates, activates and facilitates all things pertaining to golf.

One of the aims of the Royal Dutch Golf Federation (NGF) is to make the sport of golf more accessible. A part of the strategy is the My-environment on the website Golf.nl and a mobile Golf.nl app: two fully synchronized environments.

The result is an online coach who informs, motivates, activated and facilitates all things pertaining the golf and improving one's skills in the sport. The Experience Platform in Sitecore 8.2 enables NGF to offer personalized content at relevant moments.

For NGF, Sitecore forms the basis of all of the organization's online activities. In the future, NGF will continue to build on this, such as by creating a corporate website, NGF.nl. Here too, the organization plans to make use of the functionalities that Sitecore has to offer in terms of personalization.