RSPCA Queensland reduces pet-surrender rates by 50% and creates new revenue opportunities.

Australia has always been a nation of animal lovers; in fact, at 62%, Australia boasts one of the highest household pet ownership rates in the world.1 Unfortunately for some, the responsibilities that come with owning a pet can be unexpectedly demanding; which is where the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) plays a crucial role. In 2016, RSPCA Queensland, the leading authority on animal welfare in Queensland, saw 50,342 animals come through its doors; 10% of which were surrendered by their owners. For Zoe Collins, Digital Media Strategist at RSPCA QLD, this number highlighted a growing trend in surrender rates, putting the charity’s systems and volunteers under increasing strain. “Each new animal that comes into our care costs $23 per day,” Collins explains. “Our ultimate goal is to rehabilitate pets and educate owners, but in the short term, we needed to streamline the surrender process.” The multistep process was putting a strain on the call centre and volunteer network and hindering the non-profit’s ability to accept surrenders in a timely manner.