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Carglass personalizes the experience, boosting efficiency

With personalized website, Carglass sees significant increase in website visitors and online bookings.





Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Carglass personalizes the experience and increases bookings in under five months

With franchisees around the world, Carglass is a leader in vehicle glass repair and replacement service. Until recently, the company relied on its owner Belron to administer its regional websites. However, Carglass wanted more control of the web experience and was especially interested in personalizing the user experience.

With the green light from Belron, the company started looking for a new platform on which to build and locally manage the websites for the Belgium and Luxemburg markets. The goal? To boost online bookings while greatly reducing the volume of telephone calls to its call centers.

Carglass selected The Reference as its implementation partner and together they chose Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) running on Microsoft Azure.

In less than five months, The Reference developed and launched a new fully-responsive website from which customers can quickly and easily requests quotes and book or reschedule an appointment. They can also find extensive info about Carglass services (and warranties) as well as find the nearest service center, and read reviews from other customers.

With the new website, the company has seen a huge increase in online bookings and a 100% increase in visitors accessing the site via smartphone and tablet.


  • Reduce call center load by driving people online
  • Generate upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Optimize mobile user experience to improve conversion
  • Personalize experience for Belgium and Luxemburg market
  • Short deadline to build and launch website, with lots of moving parts
  • To administer website without reliance on large corporate owner


  • Navigational elements drive visitors to book online which result in fewer call center interventions.
  • With personalized content and recommendations, Carglass can upsell retail products (wipers, car cleaning products, etc) for pickup when car owner comes in for service
  • By collecting and analyzing data, Carglass optimizes user journeys
  • Fully responsive website caters to mobile user
  • Marketers in the region can now update and promote local offerings


  • A more up-to-date website, with local offers
  • Share of online bookings/ appointments grew 31.6% compared to 30.1% over same 2-month period in 2017, an increase in 5%
  • Significant growth in website visitors and volume of bookings
  • Conversion rate increased by 8% to 55.4% for desktop and by 6.4% to 55.4% on mobile
  • Bounce rate dropped by 16.1%, session duration increased by 12.5%

Products used

  • Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Sitecore Experience Database
  • Sitecore Experience Manager
  • Sitecore Email Experience Manager
  • Sitecore xConnect

Platinum Solution Partner

Working with Sitecore since 2006, The Reference has three Sitecore MVPs, has won numerous Sitecore awards, and can present 40+ active Sitecore customers. Their areas of expertise include web development, digital strategy, e-commerce, online marketing, analytics, CRM and marketing automation, mobile applications, branding and design.