VWPFS gives a kick-start to digital transformation with new platform based on Sitecore

In 2014, Volkswagen Pon Financial Services launched a pilot website for its private leasing business. After this successful pilot, Autoabonnement.nl was further developed on a new platform in 2016, in collaboration with full-service digital partner Macaw. In just three years, the website was able to become the market leader in private leasing. So it was a great success, but there is more to be gained from it.

VWPFS now wants to take Autoabonnement.nl to a new level, for which it is working with Macaw again. Sitecore 9 is used for this purpose. This version offers VWPFS even more possibilities when using data. This is exactly in line with the company's working method: in all decisions taken for Autoabonnement.nl, VWPFS works on the basis of figures.

The new platform will enable VWPFS to deliver a running website, such as a campaign website, within fifteen minutes. Moreover, there will soon be the possibility to see how visitors move across all websites, which results in more data and allows visitors to be approached in an even more targeted way.