Materials supplier BHJ regularly participates in industry trade shows for the various segments it serves, so it needed a dynamic web presence solution that would be flexible, easy to update, and available offline. It chose a Sitecore solution that combines traditional website functionality with a mobile app interface that provides the ability to deliver remote presentations with unsurpassed ease of use.


Founded in 1969, BHJ is an international supplier of meat ingredients and meat raw materials for the food, pet food, feed, and pharmaceutical industries. Headquartered in Denmark, the company has 900 employees in 60 countries and is a subsidiary of The Lauridsen Group, Inc., a US company.

The company has two main business areas: supplying functional proteins and stock ingredients, and distribution and processing of meat and meat byproducts for the food and pet food industries. Because of these diverse business lines, it had previously been a challenge to provide a framework for the presentation of the company’s wide range of products at trade shows.

Static materials for dynamic target groups

BHJ wanted a dynamic web presence that could support printed materials, be easy to update and change, and be accessible offline. It needed to empower sales people, distributors, and customers to find the latest versions of brochures online and engage visitors to its trade show booth, as well as enable BHJ employees to demonstrate the latest materials when needed in offsite meetings and other remote settings.


To create such a dynamic solution, BHJ worked with Sitecore technology partner Pragmasoft. Together the companies determined that the BHJ solution would incorporate an iPad app, which would provide all the ease of use the company wanted and enable sales reps to present all BHJ’s diverse products in an interactive way, at trade shows or any other offsite location.

Already a Sitecore customer, BHJ wanted the iPad solution developed in Sitecore as well. Sitecore`s well-established platform and interest in continuing the development of the system and its functions in the future underlined the decision.

An interactive solution was created based on the needs of visitors to the trade show booth. The solution enabled visitors to navigate unassisted through a BHJ web presence and read its history as a company, what it does, and what it offers them. Interactive pictures of the product portfolio are also available. Visitors identify themselves and can be easily directed to what they are looking for. The relevant product portfolio is presented along with contact information for the company sales department.

Because internet connections can be unreliable at trade shows, the website is cached locally so it remains accessible even offline. All status bars and URL fields are removed to ensure the screen doesn`t turn off, and the onscreen keyboard is never shown. If customers are required to fill in a form, a QR code redirects them to a mobile website. The site is optimized to 1024x768px screen resolution.

Søren Sloth Møller, marketing director at BHJ, was so impressed by Pragmasoft’s solution that he sent a note to the company after the first trade show where the new mobile solution was used, stating: “Many thanks for the incredibly good service—and super, super professional guidance. Really thorough understanding of what we were looking for and what is significant in this context.”


BHJ now offers a customized mobile solution that delivers high degrees of usability and branding of the company's business units. The design provides visitors with an easy way to find what they are looking for in spite of large amounts of content.

Solution components

  • iPad app for trade shows that can be used offline and is packaged to ensure the browser windows are not visible and iPad screen does not turn off
  • Google Analytics
  • Languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Lithuania, Spanish, Finish, Swedish
  • Campaign module for videos and photos
  • Advanced paging
  • Customer login



Technology Partner Pragmasoft