OKQ8 boosts online engagement with Sitecore-based website

In 2015, OKQ8 started out with a project to boost its online presence in the Nordics. The company not only offers a wide variety of products and services to the automotive industry, such as gas and lubricants, but also provides, amongst others, insurances, consumer power contracts and rental car services.

OKQ8 asked Sitecore partner Kraftvaerk to handle the technical development of the digital solutions that would ensure that all content was presented correctly across the different channels. In the past three years, Kraftvaerk developed most of the digital solutions that constitute Q8/OKQ8’s current omnichannel set-up. This includes apps, website, product catalogue, e-commerce and the customer database.

One of the major advantages of the project is a fully integrated website for all of OKQ8’s products and services. “That is a major milestone and makes us a digital forerunner in our industry”, says Kim Tingager, Scandinavian Head of Digital Business Development & Operations, OKQ8 AB and Q8 Danmark A/S.


  • Create rock-solid foundation for online presence
  • Use untapped potential for online sales of broad product portfolio
  • Improve product information
  • Boost online and offline customer engagement


  • Sitecore Experience Platform
  • uCommerce
  • ECM


  • Major steps from a classical offline organization to an online business
  • Outperformance of all expectations. Increased sales are above expectations and organic traffic has increased by more than 5 percent
  • Improved customer experience. OKQ8 has been met with much appraisal for the level of details and the explanatory product descriptions and videos
  • Greatly improved online customer experience
  • Increased engagement through exhaustive product catalogue