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Bog & Idé: A mission-critical digital transformation

Bog & Idé’s digital experience now lives up to their mission of providing customers with the best experience in the market





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Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Bog & Idé: Providing best-in-class digital experiences

Bog & Idé is Denmark’s largest and most famous bookstore chain. Their mission is “To provide consumers with the best experiences in the market through advice and a wide range of books, office goods, and trends.”

Yet with pages loading slowly on their website and their customer experiences not unified across channels, Bog & Idé was not providing the online experience they desired to. In order to achieve best-in-class performance and be ready to scale, Bog & Idé partnered with Sitecore.

After moving to Sitecore, Bog & Idé’s webpages loaded quickly and with ease. Bog & Idé also developed an omnichannel experience for their customers and reached their goal of offering over 1 million products on their site. The results speak for themselves: sessions are up by 32%, transactions by 67%, and conversions by 27%.


  • Increase online revenue
  • Offer a best-in-class online shopping experience
  • unified and Offer personalized experiences across channels


  • Moved onto Sitecore platform for faster load times and integrated systems
  • Demand payment when reserving instore goods
  • Create unified customer experience across channels
  • Offer an online catalogue of over 1 million products


  • Revenue: +63%
  • Search ROAS: 607%
  • Conversion rates: +27%
  • Transactions: +67%
  • Increased contribution margin online to offline: +287% increase
  • NPS increased to: 58
  • Sessions: +32%

Products used

  • Sitecore Commerce
  • Sitecore Experience Database (xDB)
  • Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)
  • Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) web CMS


Platinum Solution Partner

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