Revamping its e-commerce platform, QNET blends content and commerce to drive sales

Reaching five million customers worldwide, QNET is one of the world’s fastest-growing online shopping and business communities and one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies. The e-commerce pioneer sells thousands of products online—from everyday consumer brands to high-end luxury goods—through its network of Independent Representatives (IRs).

Since 100% of QNET’s business transactions take place online, it’s critical that the company delivers a stellar consumer experience across multiple channels for its retail customers and IRs. It’s equally important that the platform supports the business users who enable and maintain the local e-stores in the different regions without requiring IT support.

"We have complex membership, product, and pricing management requirements. With Sitecore Commerce, we can deliver an exceptional digital experience that’s modern, robust, and easy to maintain—all of which results in faster time to market and happier Independent Representatives and customers,” said Trevor Kuna, CEO of QNET.


  • Serve 100+ countries, with various pricing schemas and currencies
  • Support for 10+ languages with different scripts (e.g. Arabic left to right)
  • Shift responsibility of content updates from IT to business teams
  • Enable self-service publishing and content updates for business users and marketers
  • Collect and analyze data to better target and serve customers
  • Personalize content based on country, language, previous purchases and interactions
  • Integrate multiple backend systems, ERP, payment providers, SSO, CRM


  • Sitecore Experience Platform 8.1
  • Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server 8.1
  • Leveraged Commerce catalog system to support 400+ pricing catalogs and 50+ warehouses


  • Single platform that supports 100+ countries, localized per country/region
  • Faster site rollouts and content updates
  • Powerful analytics enables better testing and optimization
  • Personalized experience lends to more user engagement
  • Sales and marketers empowered to make content updates, freeing IT to work on development