Van In pushes innovative learning tools with an innovative new web presence based on Sitecore

Van In, headquartered in Belgium, develops and publishes learning materials for children, adolescents and adults to use at home or at school. They are focused on innovative learning tools guided by feedback from users, commitment and expertise of authors and the enthusiasm of experienced staff. Van In works together with strong European partners within the group Sanoma Learning to achieve its goals for higher quality education.


Van In needed a new web presence with e-commerce, personalization and a 360° view of customer activities.


Van In chose Sitecore as the best solution to fulfill all their Web content management needs and for its email campaign solution and Web analytics. Sitecore`s marketing capabilities, its market share and customer / partner network were also crucial for the decision as well as the user friendliness of the platform for content editing and maintenance.

Van In ecommerce solution is built on the Sitecore e-commerce foundation module extended with personalization rules. Initially, SAP feeds the e-commerce module with target group and corresponding e-commerce rules data. Based on this data, users get a very personalized e-shop experience. Van In has the opportunity to export all orders to the SAP backend.


Van In and Sitecore partner, Cegeka, created a web presence with 100+ product sites put into one corporate website, with integrated search, e-commerce on several levels (within product pages and general web shop) and the business logic for different types of customers. The result is a coherent website which echoes the corporate branding strategy and informs and invites its customers to interact with Van In.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients:

  • E-commerce
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Webforms for marketers
  • Email campaign manager
  • Social media integration of “Share it” function
  • SEO
  • SAP integration
  • 100+ product sites running on Sitecore and integrated into one corporate website