Getting a Strike in Customer Experience:

How AMF Bowling Grew its Online Revenue Percentage from 2% to 15% in 12 Months

An iconic international tenpin bowling and entertainment brand, AMF Bowling is Australia and New Zealand’s most loved bowling destination, with 43 locations across the region hosting 30,000 kids’ birthday parties each year, thousands of bowling and laser tag games played and playing host to loads of Group & Corporate functions .

While the organisation has always focused on providing modern incentre services and state of the art entertainment options, for Ross Hoier, Head of Digital and CRM for the Ardent Entertainment Division, the business’s online experience left a lot to be desired. “There were a lot of factors that led us to the decision to rebuild our website”, Hoier explains. “From a data perspective, we weren’t learning anything about our customers. Customers would visit our centres and leave without us knowing anything about them. Repeat visitation is a big part of our business; but we had very limited ways of actually tracking customer loyalty, let alone rewarding it”.