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The 2024 SEA categories

Join the cohort of past winners such as L'Oréal, United Airlines, Kimberly-Clark, and Fujitsu. Award-winning brands have been highlighted across verticals and regions, sharing their digital experience stories and business successes.

There are six total categories to consider. For our second year in a row, we will also be recognizing senior leaders who are breaking new ground and driving change in their organizations. Self-nominations and nomination by others are welcome.

Best Experience Transformation

Showcasing organizations that can illustrate how their modernization journey has positively impacted their business and customers. We’re looking for the best stories from organizations that have modernized their digital customer experience using Sitecore technology. With personalization now table stakes for modern businesses, tell us how you have raised the bar in delivering relevant and targeted content at the right time to the right person and how it has positively impacted your business. Examples could include longer time on site, increase in new site visits, higher conversions, more returning visitors, and more.

Best Content Management Modernization

Highlighting organizations that have demonstrated an end-to-end customer experience by designing content for scale. We want to hear from companies that have used Sitecore Content Hub or another product to its fullest potential. Were you able to break down internal silos and create a single source of content truth leading to efficiencies? Are you now able to find assets more quickly to create modular content? Can you deliver content at scale quicker to a larger audience?

Best Use of Data to Connect the Experience

Stories showcasing organizational data to illustrate how they have used Sitecore to create a connected and successful customer experience. We’re seeking breakthrough examples from organizations showcasing their use of data to build stronger relationships with their customers. Have you been able to use data from Sitecore CDP, build in automated decisioning, and optimize the digital experience? Have you seen an increase in brand loyalty from data optimization? Are you seeing higher sales for returning customers? Are you gaining important learning from A/B testing? We want to hear from you.

Best Commerce Experience

Organizations providing exceptional commerce journey experiences for their customers. We want to see submission from organizations who have created exceptional and transformational digital buying journeys for their customers. Have you developed an e-commerce experience that has improved revenue and exceeded goals? Are your customers able to find your products quicker? Are you serving up more relevant products based on insights learned from their previous visits? Have you revamped the look and operations of your storefront to great results? Tell us your success story.

Most Powerful Tech Stack Integration

Organizations that are using multiple Sitecore products, including one or more SaaS products, who have unlocked the power of Sitecore within their tech stack. We want to see stories from organizations that are using multiple Sitecore products within their martech stack and are seeing results that meet or exceed their KPIs.

Best Leadership in an Experience Transformation

Recognizing individual organizational leaders in senior level/executive roles that have fearlessly led an experience transformation in their organization. Nominations are now open for organizational leaders in senior level/executive roles that have boldly championed and led a digital transformation within your business to modernize and help meet the demands and expectations of today’s consumers. Note: this is an individual winner as opposed to an organization winner.

The portal is now closed!

If you have questions about your entry or about the SEA program, please contact our team with questions at: [email protected]


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