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Sitecore Experience Award Winners

Sitecore Experience Awards honor organizations that use Sitecore solutions to accelerate their digital transformation.



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Image of American Association For Justice Home Page

American Association for Justice (AAJ)

AAJ is a nonprofit advocacy and lobbying organization for plaintiffs' lawyers in the United States. In 2018, AAJ was experiencing declining membership, engagement, and retention numbers. As a result, the organization needed to reimagine its member join process and digital presence. By redesigning and simplifying processes for members with the power of Sitecore, AAJ created a seamless member experience on the front end, while also simplifying the back-end admin experience for the organization.

Best Digital Experience Transformation
Image of AdvanceCare Home Page


AdvanceCare specializes in the management of insurance and health plans of its institutional partners in insurance and subsystems with extended services. The organization's purpose is to develop products and services that take care of the health of their clients at all stages of life. In 2021, a main goal is to develop a new digital ecosystem that includes a completed renovation and UX/UI review of their website and client restricted area, as well as a new app dedicated to health risk prevention and promoting healthy lifestyles. 

Best Digital Experience Transformation
Image of Leister AG Home Page

Leister AG

Leister AG operates globally in the fields of plastic welding, process heat, and laser plastic welding. With technologies like hot air, laser, and infrared, and a passion for innovative solutions, Leister influences the market and sets worldwide standards. In order to shift business models from traditional B2B to a B2B2C offering, Leister launched a new web platform using innovative technologies from Sitecore, with a global delivery of more than 1400 products, and with continued growth planned for the coming year.

Best Digital Experience Transformation
Image of Aldar Home Page


Aldar is a real estate development, management and investment company with headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Mirum Agency is a leading digital agency that is entrepreneurial, and creates agile teams to blend strategy, design, technology, and data to drive innovation. Mirum and Aldar converged efforts to create and design the Aldar 2.0 website, building a truly memorable experience that engages home buyers, property owners, and investors through data-driven technology. 

Best Digital Experience Transformation
Image of AlphaTheta Home Page

AlphaTheta Corporation

AlphaTheta Corporation specializes in the design, production, and sales of professional DJ and audio equipment and software to music producers, creators, and live performers. The company recently transformed its customer experience by improving the management and delivery of digital content, offering a more personalized and intuitive experience, and enhancing brand awareness and loyalty through more reliable services, secure payments, and robust product support.

Best Digital Experience Transformation

Fujitsu Computer Products of America

Fujitsu Imaging Solutions works on the front lines of the digital transformation. It needed a marketing website to help tell the digital transformation story that only a best-in-class imaging solutions provider can. It transformed what had been multiple disjointed websites onto the Sitecore platform, resulting in two primary benefits: a unified and elegant customer experience; and an infinitely easier-to-manage content platform for Fujitsu marketing and sales efforts.

Best Digital Experience Transformation
Image of Ametek Home Page


AMETEK, Inc. is an American global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with over 220 manufacturing sites worldwide. Working with Altudo, AMETEK migrated 200+ websites to Sitecore Managed Cloud. The organization achieved a milestone of migrating over 700 WFFM forms to Sitecore and accommodating 16,500+ redirect rules. They have also  implemented 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, availability, and support with minimal cost.

Best Digital Experience Transformation
Image of Aramco Home Page


Aramco is the Saudi Arabian oil and chemicals giant, and one of the world's leading energy companies. The company is headquartered in Dhahran, with more than 66.000 employees across the globe. The project started with a brief of simply digitizing Aramco's newsletters and magazines, and ended in the ambitious and bold development of one primary, digital communications platform serving the company’s strong culture and community spanning more than eight decades.

Best Digital Experience Transformation
Image of Arkansas Children Home Page

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Arkansas Children’s Hospital is the only hospital system in the state solely dedicated to caring for children. Five years ago, Arkansas Children’s set out to transform the way that health care is delivered. As part of its commitment, the hospital system pledged to invest in only the best digital technologies, starting with its digital front door: the Arkansas Children’s website. The organization's digital vision is: more than a front door, a digital home for parents and families to find, coordinate, and navigate care.

Best Digital Experience Transformation
Image of Liontrust Asset Management Home Page

Liontrust Asset Management

Liontrust is a specialist fund management company that takes pride in having a distinct culture and approach to running money. In-depth user and business research powered the transformation of the Liontrust digital experience for both online customers and new users. A new design boasts a powerful and refined hub for customers seeking fund data and industry insights. This was strategically brought to life with personalized journeys and a revised content strategy. 

Best Digital Experience Transformation