Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Bank Central Asia (BCA): Digital innovation driving economic growth

Established in 1957, Bank Central Asia (BCA) delivers the best financial services in Indonesia. BCA’s strategic focus on growth, credit quality, and efficiency has enhanced its role as an Indonesian transaction bank supporting a strong economy and national development goals.

To provide the right financial services for its customers, BCA sought to create a seamless customer journey across both offline and online channels. This would require marrying the channels, with a specific focus on integrating the data from each. BCA also desired to drive adoption of their digital channels.

In partnership with Sitecore, BCA created a website that functions as a one-stop digital boutique for its customers and integrated their customer journey and databases. The efforts are paying off. BCA achieved an increased revenue of US$1 million, attracted over 300,000 unique visitors to its landing page, and improved the quality of data gathered.




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