Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Fulton Bank leverages data to drive personalized experience

Fulton Financial Corporation sought to redesign the Fulton Bank website to attract and convert new customers as well as increase existing customer engagement and wallet share.

The banking institution engaged SilverTech for a full, end-to-end redesign and rebuild of the Fulton Bank website. SilverTech implemented the Sitecore Experience Platform along with Sitecore Experience Database to create a tailored one-to-one banking experience for Fulton customers.

In addition to the web build, the project team created a data architecture that supports 1:1 personalization for both consumer and commercial customers. A connection between an internal data mart and customer profiles in the xDB allows for the upload of customer persona, promotions, and next-best product information in order to provide individualized offers on the website for known customers. Even unknown users are offered a more personal experience.

Finally, the project team built a data warehouse that combined Fulton’s own customer data, information gleaned from third parties, and Sitecore analytics to ensure key metrics can be used to further refine marketing efforts and enhance predictive modeling and optimization.


Financial Services


North America

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