Improves customer experience by taking advantage of the extensive digital marketing capabilities within the Sitecore platform.

Promsvyazbank (PSB) has created a world-class customer portal that maximizes the value of the web channel for the bank’s sales and marketing teams. Sitecore`s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) enables the organization to engage in one-to-one conversations with their customers and provides a more relevant and personal experience across all channels.


PSB is one of Russia’s leading privately owned banks, successfully operating since 1995. It is a universal financial services provider engaged in commercial, retail, private and investment banking as well as in small and medium enterprise (SME) banking.

PSB is an innovative leader that uses advanced technologies and superior management practices to solidify its position in the Russian and international financial markets. It continuously develops new areas of its banking operations that are indispensable to growth, including risk, strategy, project and quality management. The bank’s existing web portal did not reflect this innovative nature of the bank. It looked oldfashioned and conservative.

In order to communicate the continuous, dynamic evolution of PSB’s product and service portfolio to existing and potential clients, PSB decided to create a world-class portal that would maximize the value of the web presence for sales and marketing.

After researching the web content management market leaders, PSB chose Sitecore’s platform because it aligned best with their business objectives. As the bank’s web presence is a key image component and an important part of the client attraction process, a tight deadline of six months from project initiation to launch was set for the project.


A business-critical initiative with a tight deadline requires exceptional talent. PSB selected the Content Management System (CMS) from Sitecore due to its focus on customer experience management. To create the website’s look and feel, major design agencies in Russia and Europe were evaluated. Finally, the Fjord agency was selected because its concept best fit PSB’s positioning: a synergy between retail customers and corporate clients. Lastly, Luxoft was chosen as the development partner due to their well-known track record in internet technologies and the financial sector and their uncompromised commitment to quality and mature processes.

The six-month project was broken into two phases: a two-month initiation phase and a four-month implementation phase. In the initiation phase, Fjord developed the concept, usability and structure of the website. The implementation phase brought Luxoft, Fjord, and PSB together to organize a unique parallel design and development process using an Agile methodology with Scrum principles.

PSB set the business priorities and worked closely with the Fjord design and Luxoft development teams. At every sprint, Fjord developed the website layouts based on the wireframes and created the widgets as layered images in psd format. Once PSB approved Fjord’s designs, Luxoft implemented them during the next sprint. This approach allowed an integrated team to launch 40 web content layouts.

Luxoft integrated the web presence with several banking systems that provide exchange rates, real-time market data, and geo-location data for cash points and the offices of partner organizations. In this way, they provided a basis for content targeting by storing visitor location and banking product preferences.

The Luxoft team integrated and fine-tuned Sitecore’s smart personalization engine that analyzes and segments visitor behavior.

To improve PSB’s marketing campaigns, the Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS) is used for visitor behavior analytics along with Sitecore`s progressive personalized e-mail marketing, the Email Campaign Manager. That way, content can be customized and user behavior can easily be managed.

Furthermore, Luxoft developed on-line calculators and follow-up forms for PSB’s products that make self-service easy and convenient for the bank’s customers. Moreover, to increase customer satisfaction, the website is running on all mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone are adapted.


The project was delivered on time and on budget and the new web portal communicates the bank’s business strategy, leadership positions, and innovative thinking. With the portal’s groundbreaking design, progressive functionality, and best-of-breed web marketing platform, PSB was able to attract and retain clients. The website plays an important role in the bank’s marketing and PR strategies and will be a core element of the communication strategy for next three to five years.

The new website was launched in December 2012 and has been highly recognized by the banking community already within the first months.

The average customer visit-depth was reduced by more than 40% while the time spent on the site stayed the same. This indicates that it had become easier for customers to find what they needed on the new website.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Sitecore Content Management System
  • Sitecore Digital Marketing System
  • Sitecore Web Forms For Marketers
  • Sitecore Email Campaign Manager
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Java
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone