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Russell Investments relies on Sitecore® Experience Platform™

Discover how Russell Investments, a global asset management firm, worked with Sitecore partner Xcentium to deliver an award-winning web experience using Sitecore Experience Platform.

transcript Transcript
Russell Investments is a global asset manager, offering multi-asset solutions to financial professionals and institutions.

The Russell Investments website is the public face of the company, and it's also one of the first and most important service points for our clients.

It serves about 17 different regions around the world and, as such, there's a lot of complexities in the way that we need to communicate with our online visitors. Sitecore had everything in it that we felt we needed to really help us with the foundational content management system that would help us grow.

It really is an industry leader in the content management system space, and it has all of the capabilities that we were looking for.

The fact that Sitecore's built on top of dot net was kind of a no-brainer. It was something that everybody was familiar with in IT. We knew how to play it. We knew how to customize it. We knew how to work with it. The main thing that we really needed from a partner was Sitecore experience. That was what we lacked.

Xcentium brought in their expertise with the Sitecore XP solution, and were really able to help us get on the ground running in order to deliver the solution that we were trying to deliver.

Russell Investments had a number of key things they wanted to get done with this implementation, and they all kind of focus around the idea of what they called One Russell. They wanted everybody to come to one website.

Now, the users are able to go to the one site, log in, have a mix of personalized information, from their account information to value added information.

The capabilities of Sitecore that were most appealing to us would probably be the personalization engine.

We have a number of third party integrations that we were able to implement with Sitecore XP. They range from compliance solutions to CRM solutions to document management solutions.

So in order to get the most out of their Sitecore platform, Russell Investments really needed to integrate with a number of third party systems. We use Azure B2C for authentication. We used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to pull a lot of user information. Eloqua was used for forms. Quamram was used for compliance issues. There was just a number of third party applications, including a lot of homegrown applications that Russell had themselves.

Now we have one place to go, one place to make the updates, and we're a lot more consistent and efficient.

The partnership between Sitecore, Xcentium, and Russell has allowed us to deliver a much better experience for our end users. It gives us the power to personalize the website and make a better experience for them.

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