Think globally, act locally with Sitecore: Implementing a multi-lingual multi-country site with Sitecore

Swiss & Global Asset Management is a leading independent asset manager in Switzerland and worldwide. In October 2009, the company spun off from Julius Baer and today is the exclusive provider of Julius Baer funds. The wide distribution network is key to the company's success. Worldwide, there are eight onshore locations: Headquartered in Switzerland, Swiss & Global has offices in the core markets Germany and Italy and furthermore in Luxembourg, Great Britain, Spain, Hong Kong, and the Cayman Islands. In addition, the global network is comprised of approximately 1,000 distribution agreements in over 30 countries. Sitecore Solution Partner Unic has implemented a multi-country and multi-language site based on Sitecore CMS, the content can be created and maintained both centrally and locally.


Previously, there were several issues with the maintenance of online content, including:

  • The prior content management platform was inconvenient and not user friendly
  • There was only one site for all countries and no workflow
  • The individual country organizations could not publish regional information
  • There were also no Analytics data

The goal for the new website was to provide faster and more targeted access to information and contacts. Swiss & Global Asset Management felt that the platform and website should work together seamlessly. In addition, they wanted the content creation to be more user friendly and higher quality.


Swiss & Global Asset Management chose Unic as a new partner through a tendering process. Unic is the leading provider of high quality e-business solutions for communication, sales and collaboration with 250 employees at locations in Amsterdam, Bern, Brussels, Karlsruhe, Vienna, and Zurich.  They are also a Sitecore Solutions Partner, with at least ten certified Sitecore developers.

Unic recommended Sitecore’s  content management system to Swiss & Global for the following reasons:

  • Sitecore‘s CMS fits perfectly into the existing system and application environment and supports the maintenance of the websites.
  • With the help of Sitecore’s sophisticated analysis tools, Swiss & Global can customize their content to better match the users' needs and to identify trends.
  • An integrated workflow/approval process ensures compliance with both CI and CD guidelines and regulatory requirements of the financial industry.
  • With the help of Fund Finder, access to information on the Swiss & Global Integrated Products has been improved. Media releases and jobs are centrally managed and automatically integrated in a country-specific way to the individual country sites. The position of the web server at two different locations ensures high reliability and availability of the website.

Sitecore CMS addresses all issues the complex and demanding requirements of Swiss & Global. In addition, Sitecore’s CMS already provides many functionalities and is flexible enough to implement customized solutions.  Some highlights of the integration include:

  • As a basis for the development of applications within the CMS, the UNIC framework was integrated for Sitecore. This allows efficient implementation due to various and often used functions and it ensures a consistent and high quality.
  • Web Forms for Marketers and the Shared Source modules, AutomatedPublisher and Advanced Database Crawler, have been integrated into the solution.
  • The Digital Marketing System (DMS) is used as a central web analytics tool including GeoIP Lookups from Maxmind to locate the visitors.
  • In addition to the measurement of various goals, online and offline campaigns as well as multivariate testing will be used to measure and optimize online communication. In the future, content will be even more personalized  through the implementation of profiles.
  • For the Italian Promotori Community a Closed User Group with access to the Siebel CRM and highly personalized content is currently implemented.
  • The project was aimed at implementing four of the country sites and a corporate site with up to five languages. To create and maintain content as efficiently as possible for the country sites, it was created on the international site and  then taken over to the country sites by so called “cloning”. As a result, any content changes on the corporate site are automatically recognized by the system and adopted for the content of the country sites. Currently the site is available in German, English, Italian, French, and Spanish.


Unic has implemented a global web presence for Swiss & Global Asset Management, with Sitecore CMS as the platform.  This  five-language multi-site concept enables the efficient reuse of content. The portal impresses with its originality and dynamics, while the web design sets new standards for companies within the financial sector. Now, when a new corporate site is implemented at Swiss & Global, it enables authors in the various countries to maintain their regional websites locally. Content is automatically validated and published globally through workflow with a central approval process. This ensures that regulatory requirements are in compliance with the financial sector, and landing pages are created in a few minutes and can be linked directly to campaigns and web analytics.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Sitecore CMS
  • Sitecore DMS
  • Maxmind GeoIP Lookup Provider
  • Web Forms for Marketers
  • for search
  • AutomatedPublisher scheduled for publication