Swiss Insurance Provider Delivers Industry-Leading Mobile Customer Experience with Sitecore

With more than 60,000 employees, Zurich Group International provides a wide range of general and life insurance products in more than 170 countries. As part of Zurich Group International, Zurich Switzerland offers insurance solutions and services to roughly 1.4 million customers through its network of more than 190 offices across Switzerland. The company’s customers include private individuals, companies, and government organizations. The Zurich Switzerland website is visited by more than 1.2 million people each year, making it an extremely important channel for the financial services company. That’s why Zurich Switzerland decided to completely revamp its Internet presence from the ground up and focus on one core principle for the redesign: make it very easy for customers to find what they need quickly and easily.


The company’s previous site was no longer able to support the company’s goals or meet customers’ expectations. For instance, the outdated technology prevented the marketing and corporate communication staff from responding quickly to market developments with new campaigns, landing pages, or microsites. The company also discovered that it could not offer an optimized experience for its customers using mobile devices. The previous technology made creating, translating, and maintaining content difficult and time consuming for the website editors. Finally, the performance and stability of the previous website left much to be desired.

For all of these reasons and more, Zurich Switzerland decided to deploy a state-of-the-art digital experience platform that would not only transform the company’s website, but serve as the online technical standard for the Zurich Group. The new website would incorporate intuitive navigation,  search engine optimization, and an optimized experience on all screen sizes, while also delivering the capabilities Zurich Switzerland’s marketers, editors, and IT staff needed.


Zurich Switzerland chose Sitecore to be its new customer experience platform, citing the breadth of capabilities Sitecore brings as well as its performance, stability, and extensibility. Among the reasons the financial services provider turned to Sitecore is its integrated digital marketing system and workflow/approval process which helps the company ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines. The fact that Sitecore is based on the .NET framework made it ideal to integrate with the company’s existing system and application environment.

The new, modern website is friendly and fresh, as well as intuitive to navigate. A key usability feature, the Contact Wizard, guides visitors along the shortest route to their objective, whether they need to report a claim, ask for advice, or find an agency. The multi-language site offers German, English, Italian, and French. Using responsive design techniques, the website automatically adapts the layout to the user’s device for an optimized experience. 


Zurich Switzerland is the first company in the Swiss insurance sector to fully embrace the principles of responsive web design with its new Internet presence. Everything about the website—from the optimized mobile experience to the intuitive interface—has garnered very positive comments from Zurich’s customers. Now they can quickly find the information they need and use self-service options via desktop or mobile device. For instance, customers can file a claim using their smartphone and attach pictures to the claim from their phone.

Marketing staff can now respond quickly to new market opportunities, creating new landing pages and content easily and efficiently. The company’s content editors find Sitecore to be much easier and faster to use, with the result that the effort required to maintain content was reduced. At the same time, the performance and stability of Sitecore are extremely high, while out-of-the-box capabilities and extensibility speed Zurich  Switzerland’s time-tomarket for new website features.

With its solid foundation for online customer experience in place, Zurich Switzerland plans to incorporate additional Sitecore capabilities into its online strategy, including digital marketing, email campaign management, and microsites.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients:
  • Sitecore 7.0
  • Webforms for Marketers
  • Sitecore search
  • Analytics